Working faster & smarter with Webinars and Online Forms

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  • 1Working faster and smarter

    Ina Smith

    19 May 2015

  • Introduction to Webinars

  • Webinar

    Online conference/online meeting/online presentation/virtual conference

    A seminar or other presentation that takes place on the Internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and sometimes answer polls

    Presenter presents using slides, other docs, sharing desktop

    Software required such as Skype, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Live Meeting, Big Blue Button


  • Big Blue Button


  • Introduction to Google Forms

  • When to use forms


    Event registration


    Survey/Research questionnaire

    Opinion (poll)

    And many more

  • Form components

    Cover letterForm title



    Questions: Label & Answers


    Thank you

  • Tips when compiling an online form

    Draft in MSWord Professional & branded, spelling & grammar Keep forms short Indicate purpose of form Indicate number of questions, time it will take to complete Design form in such a way that data collected will be easy to analyse within

    Excel Logical flow between questions View existing examples to assist you when compiling your form Try it out & test before sharing More?

  • Questions

    Text Paragraph Text

  • Multiple choice


  • Choose from a list


  • Grid




  • Only Admin can access results

    Download results from Google Forms to Excel

    Manipulate (edit & add) data in Google Forms or Excel

  • Creating a Google form

  • Step 1: Google e-mail

  • Step 2: Access Google Forms

  • ASSAf branding

  • Return to Edit questions

    Add form title & intro

  • Step 3: Populate form with questions

    Add more questions

  • Step 4: Confirmation page

  • Step 5: Share form

  • Invitation via email

    Please register by completing the online form available at .

  • Confirmation via email & reminder

  • Questions?

    Thank you