Why would anybody want to make an eshop ??

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Text of Why would anybody want to make an eshop ??

  • Why would anybody want to make an e-shop ??

    Tom StrejekDevelopment team leader & Architect

  • there will be time to ask in the end of talk :)

  • The talkwhats it all about

  • Who are we?

  • Unified platformfor all our e-shops under one hood

  • Everything made from scratchexcept for all the open source and libraries we use

  • Why?Valuations, thats why.

  • SpaceX$12 billion: launches rockets into space and lands them

  • Snapchat$20 billion: Rainbow Filters

  • Amazon$336 billion: stuff

  • Platform architecturefrom simple to complex

  • Core technologiesphp, nodejs, mysql, rabbitmq, elasticsearch, redis, mongodb, docker ...

  • From monolith to microservicessmall teams cant make it

  • Technical debtLannisters always pay their debts, developers must too.

  • Refactoringyou dont develop if you dont have to refactor

  • BI and BD (Big Data)(yeah, buzzwords!)

  • Fuckups and funny storieshaving no products is not cool, renaming butter to water also

  • Does it crash?Yeah, a lot!

  • Monitoringis the holy grail of survival

  • Future of e-commercemachine learning, real time analytics,

    customization, personalization

  • Future of usMallGroup FTW

    APIs, Mobile apps, and more..

  • So why would anybody want to make an eshop?

    because I said so

  • The end!Thank you

    Tom Strejek, tomas.strejcek@ecommerceholding.cz, @TomasStrejcek