What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), On Page and Off Page SEO

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<p>How Search Engine Works</p> <p>What is SEOwww.PageShout.com</p> <p>SEO stand for Search Engine OptimizationSEO is the process of optimizing the website and webpage as per the rules of search engine to gain the top ranking on SERP.These rules are the quality guidelines of Google to deliver the most relevant result to the user.SEO results are natural or organic results gained by the website.There are free listing on Google.Meaning of SEO</p> <p>200+ FactorsGoogle uses more than 200+ factors to determine the ranking of a webpage. These 200+ rules comes under on page and off page optimization.</p> <p>Elements of SEO</p> <p>On Page SEORelated to changes within the website itself.These changes include:Website DesignWebsite Response timeWebsite CodingWebpage TitleWebpage URLWebpage Meta Description Webpage Meta Keywords etc</p> <p>Off Page SEORules which we need to follow outside the website but for the website.This is called as reference techniques where one website gives the reference of another website in the form of back link.</p> <p>To achiever the good ranking on Google SERP you need to follow both On Page and Off Page SEO.</p> <p>To learn more about SEO visit www.PageShout.comIn case you have any query related to digital marketing please feel free to contact me at info@pageshout.com</p> <p>Thanks You</p> <p>Visit www.PageShout.com for learning more aboutDigital Marketing.</p> <p>8</p>