Top 6 online reputation mistakes small businesses make

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Top 6Online Reputation Mistakes Small Businesses MakeHugh Benjamin | Marketing Consultant

There are literally billions of people using the Internet at any given moment, which means there are billions of chances for your business to be seen.

But what will consumers find if they were to look up your company name?

Your Web presence precedes you, so it's very, very important that it remains positive.

If you're having issues with your online reputation, it could be that you're making one or more of the following mistakes.

You're not monitoring all of your accounts. (Make sure you have eyes everywhere one slip is all it takes to tarnish your brand identity!)

You fail to acknowledge reviews and comments (both the good and the bad).

You acknowledge negative reviews, but in anger (don't throw fuel on an already-blazing fire!)

You share your personal views on politics, religion or other controversial topics. (Learn to keep your personal life separate.)

You simply neglect your online presence because you're too busy running a business. (Make sure you set aside time to nurture your online presence or hire an Internet marketing agency to do it for you!)

Buying reviews for your company. (Reviewers are required by law to disclose when they've been given endorsements for a product or service review). Hugh Benjamin | Marketing Consultant