The Future of Transmedia Storytelling

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Transcript by Juergen HoebarthHong Kong 2015DIGITAL TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING and FUTURE TECH FOR ITWho am IJuergen HoebarthAustria / Hong Kongworked for / with / in agenciesStartups / Marketing / TransmediaCofounder RealLifeConnect / HaexagonBA hons. / MVA / MPHILhttp://www.haexagon.orgTRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING SHORT INTRODIGITAL TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING / BRANDING (MINIONS)VR A NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGWHAT I WILL TALK ABOUT TODAYTelling the Story through different Media Forms http://www.haexagon.orgFAMOUS EXAMPLE FOR TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING Telling the Story through different Media Forms FAMOUS EXAMPLE FOR TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING COMICBOOKSTVSERIESFEATUREFILMSGAMESANY PIECE OF CONTENT WHO TELLS MORE ABOUT THE UNIVERSE / EXTENDS THE STORY+http://www.haexagon.orgTransmedia Storytellingexplained via MINIONS moviehttp://www.haexagon.orghttp://www.haexagon.orgMINIONS MOVIE IS CREATED FROM DESPICABLE ME MOVIE 1 & 2100% TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING VIA FEATUREFILM2015 2010 2013http://www.haexagon.orgSTORYLINEhttp://www.haexagon.orgMinions Trailer Minions Trailer Minions TrailerTHIS IS NOT TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGSPREADING THE SAME MESSAGE / CONTENT VIA DIFFERENT CHANNELShttp://www.haexagon.orgBanana Song Minions Texting Minions heroglyphicsTHIS IS TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGEXTENDING THE UNIVERSE WITH DIFFERENT CONTENT THROUGHOUT DIFFERENT MEDIA OUTLETSCONTENT EXTENDS THE NARRATIVE additional Content for mostly highly engaged Audience http://www.haexagon.orgMINIONS- BACKGROUND INTERVIEWSUnivers Expansion (more than 750+ Mio downloads, even as of Sept 2015 around (10 MIO downloads a month)http://www.haexagon.orgGAME - MINION RUSHVIRAL VIDEO WITH MORE THAN 250+ MIO Viewshttp://www.haexagon.orgYOUTUBE VIRAL VIDEO- BANANA SONGFurther 10+ Millions of Views (earned)http://www.haexagon.orgYOUTUBE FAN VIDEOS- BANANA SONGhttp://www.haexagon.orgSTYLELIGHT SHOP COOPERATION WITH UNIVERSALhttp://www.haexagon.orgSTYLELIGHT SHOP COOPERATION WITH UNIVERSALUnivers Expansion ( Story Expansion)http://www.haexagon.orgMINIONS - TITANCOMICS Univers Expansion ( Story Expansion)http://www.haexagon.orgDVD LAUNCH - 3 NEW MINIADVENTURES OF THE MINIONSTRANSMEDIA BRANDINGMORE THAN JUST SIMPLE BRANDING/PROMOTIONhttp://www.haexagon.orgTRANSMEDIA BRANDINGhttp://www.haexagon.orgTRANSMEDIA BRANDINGhttp://www.haexagon.orgTRANSMEDIA BRANDINGhttp://www.haexagon.orgFURTHER POSSIBILITIES FOR UNIVERS EXPANSIONhttp://www.haexagon.orgSOME IDEAS FOR FURTHER POSSIBILITIESMINIONS FACTORY GAME A PC or Console Game about the Minions FactoryMINIONS TV SERIES / CARTOON Very popular and was made for example for Penguins of Madagascar Scarlet Overkill Make an own Movie / Book / Short movie about Scarlet Overkill or other Villains shown in the movie such as El Machohttp://www.haexagon.orgUSING LATEST TECHNOLOGIES FOR TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGVR A NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLINGhttp://www.haexagon.orgVR FILMING TECHNOLOGIES BECOME AFFORDABLE OPEN A WHOLE NEW MODE OF STORYTELLING FOR FILMMAKERSIS VR THE NEXT BIG TREND FOR TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLERS ?ALLOWS USERS TO IMMERSE INTO THE STORY ITSELF AND BE PART OF IThttp://www.haexagon.orgVR HARDWAREOculus Rift launched original on Kickstarter got acquired by Facebook launch Mid 2016 Full VR SetMicrosoft Hololens launch 2015/2016 Full VR SetGoogle Cardboard introduced at Google I/O in 2014 low-cost system ( 5 to 10 USD)http://www.haexagon.orgGOOGLE CARDBOARDhttp://www.haexagon.orgCONTENT TYPE - 360 DEGREE STATICIMAGES http://www.haexagon.orgCONTENT TYPE - 360 DEGREE VIDEOS http://www.haexagon.orgEver wanted to stand on the edge of skyscraper/ go diving / or jump of a mountain ? http://www.haexagon.orgEver wanted to stand on the edge of skyscraper/ go diving / or jump of a mountain ? += IMMERSIVE VR EXPERIENCEHOW TO MAKE THIS TYPE OF CONTENTLOW END HIGH ENDhttp://www.haexagon.orgCONTENTTYPES - 360 VR CONTENT VR STORYTELLING - HORROR MOVIESISTERSVR GAMES - ROLLERCOASTERFIBRUMhttp://www.haexagon.orgHOW TO MAKE THIS TYPE OF CONTENThttp://www.haexagon.orgCINEMA 4D 3D STUDIO MAXUNITY 3DMARRIOTT-VIRTUAL-REALITY-TELEPORTERhttp://www.haexagon.orgWHO USES THIS NEW FORM OF STORYTELLING ALREADY ?http://www.haexagon.orgWHO USES THIS NEW FORM OF STORYTELLING ALREADY ?HTTP://WWW.HONGKONGUNREST.COM/ DOCUMENTARY FILMED IN 360-DEGREE VIDEO THAT TELLS THE STORY OF THE 2014 PRO-DEMOCRACY PROTESTS IN HONG KONGWHO USES THIS NEW FORM OF STORYTELLING ALREADY ?http://www.haexagon.orgTHE ULTIMATIVE TOOL FOR A TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLER - SOMETHING LIKE THEY USE IN TOTAL RECALL - THANK YOU -http://www.haexagon.orgQUESTIONS?