Search engine and boolean operators

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  1. 1. A search engine is a program system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. search engine
  2. 2. For example: : Type in internet explorer : search in the
  3. 3. Boolean Operators are simple words (AND, OR, NOT or AND NOT etc) used as conjunctions to combine or exclude keywords in a search, resulting in more focused and productive results. Boolean Operators
  4. 4. ANDrequires both terms to be in each item returned. If one term is contained in the document and the other is not
  5. 5. stock market AND trading stock market AND trading
  6. 6. OR OReither term (or both) will be in the returned document. ecology OR pollution
  7. 7. NOT or AND NOT ( dependent upon the coding of the database's search engine)the first term is searched, then any records containing the term after the operators are subtracted from the results. NOT or AND NOT
  8. 8. Using the ( ) to enclose search strategies will customize your results to more accurately reflect your topic. (smoking or tobacco) and cancer
  9. 9. To find particular phrase "internet explorer" AND "netscape navigator"