Recover the recently deleted Gmail Account

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Gmail Technical Support Services Number 1 888 499 5526

Deleted The Gmail Account?

How To Recover Recently Deleted Account?Log on to your Gmail account.

Head over to Gmail and log into your account like normal. You'll need internet access to delete your account, and it is much easier on a computer than your phone. Deleting your account does not free up your email address for the future. You cannot use the same handle again, ( ever again.This process will delete emails and saved contacts, but not Search History or YouTube information. Your Google Account is safe.

Click the picture of yourself, or the letter of your first initial, in the upper right corner of Gmail.From your inbox screen, click the circular button in the absolute top-rightmost corner. This should bring up a menu with a blue "My Account" button, as well as "Add Account" and "Sign Out" buttons.

Click on "My Account" and then "Account Preferences.This is the page controlling your entire Google account, not just Gmail. This allows you to get rid Gmail while keeping your Google account. Alternatively, skip the prior steps and navigate to to get right to preferences.

Find and choose "Delete your account or services" from the menu on the left.Under the words "My Account" are several headings going down the page -- Welcome, "Sign-in & security," "Personal info & privacy," and finally "Account preferences." You'll find "Delete your account" here, as far down as you can get.

Choose "Delete Products" and then re-sign in to confirm your decision.Clicking "Delete your account or services," you'll have the option, on the right, to just delete small products (like Gmail) or delete all of your account and data. Select the Gmail, the re-sign in to ensure that you didn't click anything accidentally.

Consider downloading your data before deleting.You can click "Download Data" to save your contacts, conversations, and emails before ditching the entire service. This is almost always worth it unless you're trying to get rid of everything. This will make an archive of your emails in a Google Drive account. It may take several minutes or hours depending on your internet speed and inbox size.

Click on "Gmail" and read the short disclaimer about deleting your account.As Google says itself -- this is not "the usual yadda-yadda." There are important points to consider, including: Deleting the account may make it impossible to recover old passwords (ones set to your Gmail account)You only have a short period of time to recover your account, only two days, if you make a mistakeYou cannot get your same username and account back ever.

Confirm the deletion of your account.When you enter "Delete account and data," a warning appears, and you will be asked to confirm your desire to delete the account. Check each box to confirm that you understand you will be losing access to these services. You aren't selecting what will be deleted here; you are simply acknowledging that you know these items will disappear. Enter your password at the bottom of the screen.

Confirm again.Check the box next to "Yes, I want to delete my account", the box next to "Yes, I acknowledge that..." and click "Delete Google Account". Your Gmail account will be scheduled for deletion.