Open Source in the Enterprise

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Uncoverong Stanford's engagement with the Drupal community, how the enterprise leverages open source, and what we gain by bringing open source software, and ways of working, into large scale implementations. Topics will include a brief history of Drupal product initiatives, and what we stand to gain by thinking like Product Designers.

Text of Open Source in the Enterprise

  • 1. Open Source in the Enterprise Zach Chandler Stanford University Open Source in Big Companies II SAP Labs, Palo Alto CA 13 August, 2014
  • 2. SU research = 2,000 faculty, 5,000 projects, $1B/yr
  • 3. What Stanford gains from Drupal state-of-the art web publishing innovation, flexibility freedom to pursue our own solutions security community
  • 4. What Stanford gives back code money camps (not enough)
  • 5. Community, FTW!
  • 6. Professional Services 100s of Drupal companies, a handful of amazing ones Creating consonance between outsourcing and insourcing strategies
  • 7. Drupal as Product Distros (Commons, OpenPublic, etc.) SaaS Acquia AbleOrganizer Flat World Knowledge SWS Jumpstart
  • 8. Lessons Learned Sharing, early and often, is in your best interest
  • 9. RERO release early, release often Raymond, Eric. The Cathedral and the Bazaar. OReilly, 1999.