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Network Automation - Interconnection tools

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  1. 1. Interconnection tools and automation Andy Davidson Allegro Networks / LONAP August 2014 Peer 2.0/SFO
  2. 2. Interconnection tools and automation Andy Davidson Allegro Networks / LONAP August 2014 Peer 2.0/SFO
  3. 3. Complexity Time
  4. 4. Complexity Time Lets use our unlimited money and time to peer at the local IX!
  5. 5. Complexity Time Can you show me that this is saving us money?
  6. 6. Complexity Time Lets add Ethernet interconnects for the cloud
  7. 7. Complexity Time Lets buy/sell service via L2TP!
  8. 8. Complexity Time Please could you open a POP in France?
  9. 9. Complexity Time We need the network to generate higher cost savings
  10. 10. Complexity Simple Complex TOOLS
  11. 11. Decision Making: Tools to manage the big picture
  12. 12. Im not talking about the YES or NO decision
  13. 13. Capacity Deciding how to deliver traffic
  14. 14. How much traffic? Because I want to provision capacity Because I want to handle failover/resilience Because I want to move transit capacity to peering links Because I want to consider connecting an exchange
  15. 15. RT1 RT2 EX2EX1 PP1 PP2 PP3 Transit 6Gbit 5Gbit 2Gbit 4Gbit 4Gbit AS2 is your largest flow - via PP2 - maybe needs a second private peer backup on RT2? AS1 via PP1, configure a backup over EX1 or EX2 for deterministic routing? Can you move larger peers behind EX1 and EX2 onto private peering? If there is an exchange failure, where will the traffic go? How big a flow should you care about? If you lose RT2, how will traffic to PP3 and traffic volume via EX2 be delivered? If you lose RT1, how will traffic volume via PP3 and EX1 be delivered? 4Gbit 4Gbit AS12345 AS2 AS1 Many peers Many peers AS3 Questions about your top n peers
  16. 16. Decision = Data 15/08/2014 BGP Traffic Engineering, Andy Davidson 16 Manuel Kasper -
  17. 17. IP Address Time and date Amount of Traffic For remote asn
  18. 18. Automating provisioning
  19. 19. Automation has been possible for decades Tricky part is the business process tie-in Business or customer need Network Action (Why else do an activity?) Configure the network, not the device This is the source of complexity This is also where state anxiety lives
  20. 20. Automation is not the product Automation is the enabler Consistency Speed of Delivery Ease of Support Speed to integrate Compliance Integrated OSS/BSS Confidence Commodity Devolved control
  21. 21. What can be touched Adding ports (Private peering) Adding BGP sessions (Public & Private peering) Adding VLANs (Ethernet interconnection) Adding access configuration (Wholesale)
  22. 22. NETCONF API to configure network devices Manage configuration and state XML RPC using SSH as transport Mirrors device configuration, capabilities Candidate configuration Running configuration
  23. 23. ge-1/0/1INTERFACE-PARAMETERS-EDGECUST:Manchester Roller Derby (AS789)flexible-ethernet-services520CUST:Manchester Roller Derby (AS789)[SNAP-PEERING:LINX London]{ZRiEKiyK}vlan-vpls520
  24. 24.
  25. 25. error dcd [edit interfaces ge-1/0/4] unit 0 interface needs to be in a VPLS routing instance to support family VPLS
  26. 26.
  27. 27. State configure the network, not the device Propose business logic Lock running config Lock candidate config Edit candidate config (repeat across network) Commit check Commit Copy running config to start Unlock configurations Confirm business logic
  28. 28. Take one single boring process and automate it out of existence Dont worry too much about your software today. If this thing catches on, youre binning your early code anyway You are exclusively focussed on delivery, saving money, saving effort, removing pain, learning
  29. 29. andy ~ $ perl 12536 LONAP Allegro terminal monitor conf t router bgp xxxxx neighbor remote-as 12536 neighbor description PEER:: Allegro neighbor inherit peer-session peer_Lonap address-family ipv4 neighbor activate neighbor inherit peer-policy peer_Lonap end Take a single, small step to gain skills and confidence
  30. 30. Total Plugability Providers that you can configure automatically like you can your devices
  31. 31. Network provisioning at your
  32. 32. Example use of auto-providers Private peering
  33. 33. Automation & Self Service at the IXP IXP Manager (software tool, browser based) Used at LONAP and IXLeeds Admin & Customer automation Open Source
  34. 34. Hard to find good conversations about automation avoiding: Those panning for gold in the shape of SDN Vendors wanting to sell junk network management software People who just want to nick your leads Developers with empty OSS projects on GitHub Ideally, one day we will have: Documented wishlist & best practice Pluggable upstream and downstream services Reliable standards adherence from vendors Differentiated, competitive market for automated wholesale services!
  35. 35. Andy Davidson [email protected] _______________________ CTO, Allegro Networks Director, LONAP Ltd. +44 161 200 1610

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