IoT - If you didn't see it coming

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<ol><li> 1. The1Consultants Presents </li><li> 2. Server ElEctronics Internet of Things Your House or Office Your Car or Fleet/logistic Office Computers or Family PCs Your Laptop intErnEt Your Friends Laptops Android/ iPhone E-mail Analogue or Mobile Phone </li><li> 3. IoT internet of things Images credit to: MEGAMIND, ERM, GALOOLI, BI INTELLIGENCE &amp; ALMOST HUMAN + CES 2015 + STARCOM </li><li> 4. BOO!! </li><li> 5. Hey! </li><li> 6. Youre fun </li><li> 7. Oh no, looks like youre gonna miss it. </li><li> 8. By several thousand years </li><li> 9. Get back to work. </li><li> 10. This town isnt big enough for two super villains. </li><li> 11. Oh, youre a villain all right. </li><li> 12. Just not a super one. </li><li> 13. Yeah, whats the difference? </li><li> 14. Presentation! </li><li> 15. Before &amp; After Fuel Cycle Customer Pays Here Uncontrolled area Uncontrolled area Uncontrolled area Customer Pays Here Controlled area Controlled area Controlled area Before After </li><li> 16. Why Choose Us? Generator / Site Monitoring System Monitoring Progression: </li><li> 17. Offering Data generation Set thresholds and notification methods Enables Trend Analysis Apply customer- specific analysis Standard Offering Existing asset meters Simple No No The1Consultants Offering Additional asset and peripheral parameters Complex, based on thresholds and trends Trends on coming events for preventive maintenance. Performance comparing to other similar assets in the world. Real conclusions Analysis of performance parameters specific to the organizations processes and procedures. Proscribed actions what to do for better performance using the smart NOC The Galooli Difference Generator / Site Monitoring </li><li> 18. Cross-platform capability Multi-application modular platform Full solution, not just components Full site analysis Real FUEL monitoring on mobile and stationary assets Advanced end-to-end diagnostics solution In-house development of end-to-end solutions Summary </li><li> 19. THANK YOU. The One Consultants Ltd. +254 721545519 / 735545519/ 770380406 </li></ol>