How to write a Google Review

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This is an attempt to take the mystery out of writing a review for a company on Google. This particular company is teen rehab

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  • 1. How to write an Inspirations for Youth Google Review

2. Step 1 Go to your browser and type in 3. Step 2 Create a Google Account 4. Step 3 Populate the Google Account with contact information 5. Step 4 Either add a photo or for privacy issues just click next step 6. Step 5 And thats it. You now have a Google Account 7. Step 6 Now go back to the Google browser at 8. Step 7 Type in Inspirations for Youth 9. Step 8 On the right corner click on 4 Google Reviews 10. Step 9 On the right corner click on Write a review 11. Step 10 Write the Review 12. Step 11 Choose a star from one to five 13. Step 14 Click Publish and Voil You have a Google Review 14. Where does your review go? Your Google+ Profile Google Search Results Google Maps Local Pages on Google+ 15. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to learn about Google Review