How to Migrate Drupal to Joomla via Extension: Step-by-Step Guide

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  • How to MigrateDrupal to Joomla viaExtension: Step-by-

    Step Guide

  • Migrate in Just 7 Easy Steps

  • As a Drupal user, you might have noticed thatmaintaining your website on Drupal requires a greatdeal of endurance and effort. The reason for that isthat Drupal is mainly developer-oriented. It goeswithout saying that it is hard to build a truly robust andheavy website with tons of modules attached to it withthe help of a simple platform offering unoriginaltemplates and components. In other words, a high-rise building needs a solid foundation.

    Such complicated sites are built for special purposes,and your website does not necessarily have to be ofthat load. In most cases, people put too much effortwhere it could be avoided. Having your not so heavywebsite maintained via Drupal means not making themost of Drupal while spending more time than youactually could.

  • Fortunately, you can always change your CMS for amore suitable for your needs one. In this case, Drupalto Joomla migration would be a perfect option.Joomla is also free and at the same time lesscomplicated, but it does not make the foundationany less solid. The thing is that Joomla is more user-friendly and makes your life easier by providing youwith thousands of ready templates so that you do nothave to create them yourself. Indeed, some codingexperience is still required but not as much as whenusing Drupal. In addition to that, Drupal to Joomlamigration would bring relief to your contentmanagement.

    Once you have decided to go for Drupal to Joomlamigration, give a try to CMS2CMS: Automated Drupalto J! Migration. Follow the instructions below andhave your Drupal site content transferred to Joomlawithout delay.

  • 1. To start the process of migration, go to Joomla!Extensions Directory, where you can downloadCMS2CMS: Automated Drupal to Joomla! MigrationComponent.

    2. Visit Joomla Extensions Manager and install thefile that you have downloaded previously.

  • 3. Create a CMS2CMS account by providing youremail and password.

    download the Bridge File to your computerfind the File and extract it by clicking thematching buttonupload the File to the root folder on your Drupal websitespecify your Drupal website URL and verify connection

    4. Connect to Drupal

  • Now you are automatically redirected to CMS2CMSwebsite to proceed with the further steps.

    5. Make your Migration Preferences by checking theboxes that you consider to be necessary.

  • 6. Run your Demo Migration to see the service inaction. Estimate the results and move to the next stepif you are satisfied with what you have just seen.

  • 7. Initiate your Full Migration. Wait a few minutes andhave your data transferred from Drupal to Joomla fastand safe.

    As you can see, Drupal to Joomla migration can beeasy as one, two, three. Do not worry, becauseCMS2CMS: Automated Drupal to J! Migrationextension will do the work for you. Promptly.Accurately. Precisely.