How To Go Viral (Triggers)

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<ol><li> 1. How to go Viral (Triggers) /2014/09/25/how-to-go-viral-triggers/This is one of the more difficult methods to get somethingto go viral, but it is very interesting as you will see in theexamples below and if you can get it right you will attractloads of targeted traffic to your website or blog.Take a look at this for instance, when NASA sent the Roverto Mars something very interesting happened, the sales ofMars bars went through the roof. The two have obviouslynothing to do with one another, but the Rover mission wasall over the news and on newspapers everywhere, so thatacted as a trigger for people to think of, or crave a Marsbar. Read the book Contagious for the full story if you dontbelieve me.Here is another example of triggers at work. Where you vote can influence how you vote. Experimentshave shown that people voting in a school hall for instance will be inclined to vote in favor of a party thatpushes for better education, the same goes for people voting in a church for instance, triggers are reallyremarkable in how they influence us without us knowing it.It is important that you trigger people in the right environment. There is an advertisement in New Zealandof a guy stepping out of the shower and slipping on the bathroom floor and lying on the floor twitching inconsiderable pain, the ad is a public safety announcement for non slip bathroom mats. Even though the adis very graphic and sticks in your head, it doesnt do too much good because you will remember this adwhen you are in the shower, but you cant buy a bathmat in the shower, and once you are dressed chancesare you would have forgotten about it. On the other hand consider this advertisement. A guy opens a canof soda and as he starts drinking it, lumps of fat comes out of the can. This was a public serviceannouncement to point out the dangers of drinking soda pop. Just imagine how great this trigger worked,because every time you opened a can of soda you would remember the fat coming out of the can and youmight very well decide to drink something else!A final example I would like to share is the slogan Kit Kat came up with when their sales were very downand it looked like the chocolate bar was on its way out. Kit Kat has always been the the take a breakchocolate bar, so they came up with a very simple but effective slogan with a build in triggerKit Katand Coffee. That was it and the sales were phenominal. Every time people took a break and had coffee alot of them will think of Kit Kat, and coffee being so widely drunk all over the world, you can just imaginethe impact this particular trigger had.Just a last thought, you must remember that certain things are so closely associated with a product that itwould not make a good trigger for something else, case in point the color red. Most people see red andthey think of Coca-Cola, so keep things like that in mind. Also keep things relevant, Kit Kat and Corn forinstance would not work.I will cover the other aspects of virality in pieces to come, but for now you can use this and think of sometriggers in your niche that can open the traffic floodgates for you. Be creative and have fun with it and ifyou want more info on free traffic you can find it here </li></ol>