How To Engage Your Audience On Twitter

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  1. 1. EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm pst #ATOMICCHAT #ATOMICCHAT July 7, 2014 How to engage your audience on twitter Robert, could you tell us a bit about yourself and the work that you do? One of those strategies is the Social Media Six Pack, sounds rigorous... Can you tell us more about that? what are some of those things that businesses can do everyday that create big results over time? Okay, so how do you move your on-line relationships, assuming youre using #smm for marketing to off-line ones? How can you measure that ROI? Listening is one thing, but converting conversations into tangible results is another... Is there a secret sauce to finding people you know you can convert? How hard is all of this? Sounds like a lot OF work... @Medialabrat@Atomic_reach @irahaberman special guest:Hosted By: Special guest Moderator: Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Sure thing! I am a lifelong entrepreneur & 16-yr Internet veteran. My latest venture is Internet Media Labs #atomicchat Robert Moore@MediaLabRat We R NYC based tech startup focused on social listening & analytics. We also consult & create social strategies 4 R clients #atomicchat Robert Moore MediaLabRat Absolutely! You can get a Social Media Six Pack when you execute a sound SM strategy every day... #atomicchat Robert Moore MediaLabRat Create a strategic daily to-do list, set attainable goals, & you can have a Social Media Six Pack in 90 days or less! #atomicchat Robert Moore MediaLabRat Like going to the gym...Go everyday, exercise with purpose, get BIG results! #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Create (or curate) great content, activate existing followers, follow new folks, favorite, RT or reply 2 Tweets...Engage! #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Set daily numerical goals : 5 existing follower engagements, 5 new engagements, favorite 20 Tweets, etc #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Do that 20 working days/month for 3 months. Numbers start to add up! #atomicchat Robert Moore@MediaLabRat Great question! Mastering relationship escalation from social interactions can is challenging... #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat It was for sure for me (I am inherently shy), but once I figured what was my Twitter Aha! moment :) #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat There is no one size fits all strategy here. But there are a few guidelines to consider: #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Always be relevant, authentic, & reciprocal. A great approach for me was/is soliciting input/opinion on our software #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Ive met 100s of great people from Twitter that way. Those relationships lead 2 new ones - non-linear social ROI! Robert Moore @MediaLabRat The following answers coming from a B2B perspective... #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Thats the tricky part. Some of it is very straight forward: I met you, you liked my product, you bought it. #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Usually it is: I met you, you introduced me to someone, who introduced me to someone else, who bought my product #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat The end result can take months/years to realize. Tracing a sale back to its source is what I call Social Forensics #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat You can then create predictable models for social success by knowing the origin of great relationships & customers #atomicchat Robert Moore @MediaLabRat Give lots of love to the originators of those relationships/sales. Always appreciate your connectors! #atomicchat Robert Moore @ MediaLabRat It is not a secret sauce, but really a plan + methodology to grow & scale your social engagement/sales... #atomicchat Robert Moore @ MediaLabRat For me it starts w/endpoint goals - Who am I trying to reach & why? Then I work backwards - how do I find those people? #atomicchat Robert Moore @ MediaLabRat It could be: Twitter chats, the type of content they share, the hashtags they use, the people they talk to... #atomicchat Robert Moore @ MediaLabRat Once you find the perfect mix, it becomes a replicable formula--->#BigWin! #atomicchat Robert Moore @ MediaLabRat For example: I like to find social CEOs. I listen to where they share content from - Wall Street Journal or Forbes... #atomicchat Willis Williams @Social_Chef Master the social platforms youre comfortable with. Would rather be the expert of a few than mediocre of all. #atomicchat Willis Williams @Social_Chef Follow your audience. Theyre on twitter? Go. Theyre on FB? GO! Be on their mind and listen to the conversations. #atomicchat Jessica E. Roberts @connect2life Plan - Strategize - Execute - Analyze - Improve - Repeat #atomicchat Brandon Harig @BH_Social Best way to find people to engage is to know where to start. Know your audience & research before creating accts #atomicchat Robert Moore @ MediaLabRat None of what I have described is hard, per se. It does take a certain amount of time & dedication. #atomicchat Robert Moore @ MediaLabRat When U combine technology W/a solid methodology, you will get outsized results in less time...a Social Media Six Pack! #atomicchat Robert Moore @ MediaLabRat Start with a plan, even a simple one. Refine your goals & approach. Find what works, then step on the gas and go FAST! #atomicchat Mr. S!D @IAmMrSid If youre under 21, then java. If youre over 21, then having an adult beverage over conversation helps ;) #DrinkResponsibly #atomicchat Mr. S!D @IAmMrSid Im a believer of the person you are online should be the same exact person you are offline. People see through being pretenious #atomicchat Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz Start by engaging online beyond normal conversations then connect on multiple networks then email then video then IRL #atomicchat Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz Dont treat online to offline like your BFFs but as no need for ice breakers and small chat.. Strong IRL conversations #atomicchat CBarrows @CBarrows In truth, I feel like I could travel to most major cities and meet someone for coffee thanks to Twitter. #atomicchat Amanda Tessier @amanda_tessier @SumAll is the way to go with interactive measurements. Establishing goals is crucial to knowing if youve met them #AtomicChat Lolo LLC @LoloLLC @Atomic_Reach Q5 Clickkkkks! #atomicchat Rizzie Vette @GoGetterVette New buzzword Ive learned tonight #socialforensics from @MediaLabRat #atomicchat Amanda Tessier @amanda_tessier Use business data to assess customer retention rates, profitability, and objectively monitor areas of improvement #AtomicChat Amanda Tessier @amanda_tessier be HUMAN. Nobody wants to follow a robot. We have enough spammers for that. #AtomicChat Jessica E. Roberts @connect2life If they have a blog/website link, check it out and engage with them about it. #atomicchat Iva Ignjatovic @IvaIgnjatovic Make lists with people you want to interact with, its easier to have insight in their interests and passions. #atomicchat Todd Burgess @tburgess57 dont schedule tweets unless you can respond to replies within the hour if not sooner #atomicchat Todd Burgess @ tburgess57 a Twitter account that posts nothing is better then one that never responds #atomicchat Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris 6-pk - a lot like going to gym > u have to make commitmt, have goal, wont happen overnite, but if u follow plan, u will achieve #atomicchat We are 191 members strong on LinkedIn! The Why Content? group aims to discuss ways to connecT our audiences with quality content. They deserve it, dont they? So join us! Join our Why Content? Group! 79 93k 276KTweets REach Chat stats provided by FREE trial code for our community: 30daygo IMPRESSIONS #AtomicChat Numbers