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How to Build a Bigger ARG

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Presentation to ARGFest in Portland, August 2014

Text of How to Build a Bigger ARG

  • 1. Accessibility Badges & rewards Game of Thrones & The Chatsfield Concluding thoughts

2. More players More new(bie) players Playing for longer 3. More players Multi-levels of difficulty & play style Puzzles vs UGC vs PvP vs location Main challenge vs side-quests Points, Badges, Rewards New(bie) players Looks more familiar Lower barrier to entry Tutorial Points, Badges, Rewards 4. http://amyjokim.com/2012/09/19/social-engagement-whos-playing-how-do-they-like-to-engage/ Achievers SocializersExplorers Killers Bartle types 5. http://amyjokim.com/2012/09/19/social-engagement-whos-playing-how-do-they-like-to-engage/ 6. Experience will be unfamiliar to some audiences can use badges to signal things to try, steps to take Incentivize experimentation reward effort Social Participatory Want to encourage good community behaviours (which can be at odds with personal achievement rewards) 7. Canal+, Spain Game of Thrones, Season 4 Harlequin Mills & Book The Chatsfield (original IP) 8. AUDIENCE DATABASE CONTENT DATABASE GAME LOGIC SOCIAL MEDIA, EMAIL TELEPHONE NETWORKS DATA LOG PLAYER INCLUDES: POINTS BADGES INVENTORY AS WELL AS MESSAGES POSTS STATUS UPDATES 9. Community Live events Blog Webseries Brand integration Social game & website 10. 19Reinos.com es la *FORTALEZA* Facebook de 19Reinos es la* PLAZA* Twitter 19Reinos es el *CAMPO DE BATALLA* Gigamesh sera el *CAMPAMENTO MILITAR* Club Cultura de FNAC y tiendas FNAC es el *BOSQUE* [email protected] #laposadera Meristation es el *BURDEL* 11. Potions Special Items 12. +5600 players 126,500 messages on Twitter 3200 tweets per battle Final battle: 123 tweets per minute 36,000 attacks 1300 seductions 5400 betrayals 6000 coin exchanges 155 kingslayers 82 kings during the game More than 1000 people in Callao at the coronation 13. Active creation of belief Invite players to use imagination (not the same as pretending its real) feels like real could be better than real Real-time vs story time movies learned to edit out the boring bits Life doesnt have a tutorial or navigation but your game could Rewards dont break immersion