Does Linked Data Have to be Open?

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30 January 2017, Lancster Data ConversationsReflections from the Pelagios CommonsLeif Isaksen, Lancaster University Does Linked Data Have to be Open?**PleiadesPastPlaceGetty ThesauriPeriodOChronOntologyCanonical Text ServicesSENESCHALSNAPOCREGoogle Ancient Places (OU, Soton)Perseus Digital Library (Tufts)Arachne (Cologne)SPQR (King's College, London)Digital Memory Engineering (AIT)Open Context (UC Berkeley)CLAROS (Oxford)PtolemyMachine (Holy Cross)Ure Museum (Reading)FastiOnline (AIAC)Nomisma (ANS)Regnum Francorum (ISAW/NYU)Ports AntiquesOracc (U. Penn.)Meketre (Vienna)OCRE (ANS/ISAW)SquinchpixORBIS (Stanford)MJBC (Cambridge)ISAW Papers (ISAW)Totenbuch (Bonn/Cologne)PAS (The British Museum)SAWS (KCL/Uppsala/Stockholm/Vienna)Trismegistos (K. U. Leuven)AWMC (Chapel Hill)Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World DM Project (Drew)Ancient History EncyclopediaDickinson College CommentariesEdinburgh Geoparser (Edinburgh)EDH (Heidelberg)EAGLELGPN (Oxford)...Linked Pasts| An Emerging Digital EcosystemResource CuratorsConcept SchemesConnectingInfrastructure & SupportWhat is Pelagios?A DecentralisedCommunity & Infrastructurefor Linked Open Geodata in the Humanities1/1***Connectivity through common references rather than a common schemaWhat Pelagios isnt | One ring to rule them allNot a data aggregatorNot a repository Not a standard data model1/1**The concept | Dont Unify the Model Annotate!*1/1**PleiadesAncientWorldResourcesPelagios network | Interlinking different knowledge communitiesTowards a digital scholarship | Future Footnotes1/1**API v.3 query (Peripleo) | Searching by placeAPI v.3 query | The Pelagios network of different traditionsThings weve learned | 1. Open partnerships are more efficient than closed consortia Linking data is a social process:Involves multiple datasets, organisations, rolesInertia in one area has knock-on effects in many othersRestricting visibility in one area reduces impact in othersGreater likelihood of failure due to policy decsionsOpen partnerships more likely to:Attract new membersDrive sectoral changeStuff weve learned | 2. Speed-reading?Sources:Internet ArchiveHathi Trust /(Google Books)Eighteenth Century Collections Online (2)115 books (in 2 days) 17/18/19th Century 75 Books with historical descriptions of Forres40 books with no references16 inaccessible OnlineOfflineHathiTrustNat. Lib. ScotlandSenate House Lib., London?Stuff weve learned | You cant do it all by yourself MetadataVisual contentCharacter encodedStructuredSemantically taggedSemantically modelled**1/1**1/1**1/1**1/1**