Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Tips for B2B Brands

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Tips for B2B</p> <p>Slide Title2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Growth hacking is simply the exploration of effective and efficient ways in which to grow the amount of users for a specific product or brand. What is Growth Hacking?Being Innovative</p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.</p> <p>Writing informational and intriguing blogs on your website will give your brand the opportunity to engage with your consumers. If your content is a good read, people will share what they enjoy and spread awareness of your business for major growth results.Become an Industry LeaderTip #1: Get your Blog On!</p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Making sure what you post gives viewers the urge to share, like, and commented on. This is imperative for every piece of content your company uploads. Word of mouth between users can in its own right, help your brand gain a considerable amount of traffic and popularity in a short amount of time. Sharing Should BePart of the JourneyTip #2: Make Your Content Shareable </p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Exit Pop-ups are your companys last chance to secure a potential consumer, even after they dont purchase anything on your website. Offering a last minute discount on the products you have for sale, can lure customers back to your website and increase your audience. Dont Let the Consumer Go Tip #3: Grow your Business With Exit-Intent Pop-ups </p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.A great way to drive more traffic to your brands website is to offer guest posting blogs and article on different industry company web pages. Linking back to your business will bring in people that are in a similar audience to the one that youre trying to reach.Reach New Audiences and ConsumersTip #4: Guest Posting Will Boom Your Expansion</p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Receiving reviews from consumers who have purchased a good from your business, not only provides insights for future product development, but its also increases brand awareness. Target customers through email, phone, surveys or other channels and get them to give you detailed information on your companys services, experiences, and products.Customer Reviews are GoldTip #5: Get Feedback from your Products</p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.</p> <p>Aumcore was able to successfully implement a digital promotion campaign highlighting Denons artisanal collection of turntables. By being innovative and utilizing a few growth hacking techniques, Aumcore was able to capture a voice that visitors resonated with, while simultaneously increasing sales.Denon</p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.</p> <p>A multi-platform mobile app was developed by Aumcore that innovatively used a graphical questionnaire to recommend the appropriate Stanley Black &amp; Decker trimmer. Growth hacking by engaging with a new audience of consumers through an interactive application, proved to be tremendously beneficial for the manufacturing company. Stanley Black &amp; Decker</p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Connect with us on Social Media and start sharing your ideas! @Aumcore </p> <p>215 Park Ave S. Suite 1802 New York, NY 10003(212) 776-1414 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Vimeo Instagram Blog Contact EmailStay Connected</p> <p>2016 AUMCORE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.</p> <p>The content of this presentation is proprietary and confidential. Content contains concepts and work performed for multiple Brands (including confidential client names) and is not to be shared or disclosed without prior authorization.</p>