Digital Connection in the US: Massive Adoption Despite Concerns

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Text of Digital Connection in the US: Massive Adoption Despite Concerns

  • Digital Connection in the USMassive Adoption Despite Concerns


  • 86% of people are concerned with how their information is accessed

    80% of people feel that online

    devices improve their lives

    89% of people are concerned about the safety and privacy of their data

    20% of Americans connect with 4 or

    more devices

    US Businesses Fail to Adapt Online

  • Businesses are failing their US customers.

    Consumers expect companies to have real-time access to purchases, payments, and complaints.

    An incredible 86 percent of Americans are concerned about the ability of call center agents to access information they already provided online.

  • In general, when you contact a service provider's call center, would you say that the agent has access to the information you have already provided on their website?


    Business Failings

  • Americans embrace a connected life, integrating the network into daily routines. They go online to get traffic, weather, and travel information in addition to traditional and email and web browsing.

    80 percent of people feel that connected devices and objects actually improve their quality of life.

  • What types of services/applications do you want to have instant access to at all times?

    What People Constantly Access

  • Would you say that today, connected devices and objects (such as computers, smartphones, tablets but also sensors, thermostats, fitness trackers) improve your quality of life?


    Impact on Quality of Life

  • 89 percent of people are concerned about the safety and privacy of their data when using a connected device, of which 30 percent of all respondents indicate they are extremely concerned.

  • Are you concerned about the safety and privacy of your data when you use a connected device or object?


    Safety and Privacy

  • US consumers are connecting to the Cloud more frequently and from more devices.

    More than half of Americans connect to the Cloud multiple times a day and 11 percent cant tolerate being offline for more than 5 minutes.

    62 percent of Americans connect with 2 or more devices.

  • How long can you tolerate not being connected to the Internet?


    Frequency of Connection

  • Which (how many) devices do you use to access your favorite services/applications online?

    Devices Used

    How many devices? Which devices do you use?# of devices

  • US Businesses are failing to keep up with their connected customers. They are mostly unable to meet demand for updated real-time information across channels. Security and privacy concerns are extremely high. Still, most Americans feel that being connected improves the quality of their lives and are in constant connection through multiple devices.


  • Restlet conducted an online survey of the general US population. The survey answers were collected December 2014. The analysis is based on 530 fully completed surveys. The audience was randomly selected from these areas: News sites: 65% Mobile devices: 17% Arts and entertainment sites: 8% Other online sites: 10%


  • 18-24 18%

    25-34 14.6%

    35-44 15.3%

    45-54 13.8%

    55-64 20.5%

    65+ 17.8%


    US Region

    Midwest 36.9%

    Northeast 17.3%

    South 20.3%

    West 25.4%


    Male 67%

    Female 33%

    Demographics of Respondents

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