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  • Chit Fund Company Flowchart

  • Chit Fund Mainly Consists of 3 Parts

    1. Main Branch

    2. Sub Branch

    3. Customer Details

  • 1 Main Branch (Admin) : Here you can access all the information of other branches. You can make any changes of any branch information Here you can create User ID and Password and at the same time you can edit the same. Overall branches can be maintained through this branch. It is supreme authority to make any changes of information of other branches. 2 Sub Branch: Here individual branch details will be maintained. Only authorized person can login for the particular branch and he will not be aware of details of other branches. He can run every transaction and process smoothly without affecting any other branch. 3 Customer Details : Where individual customer can login by selecting particular branch, entering his user id and password and obtain his information regarding his personal details, Chit details, payment details i.e. paid amount and due amount as on date, bid details etc.

  • Create Branch

    Branch User Branch Transaction

    Branch Receipt

    Customer Receipt

  • Home Page


    Add pictures and logo

  • Chit Scheme

    Add Chit

    View Chit

    Edit Chit Schemes

    Chit Scheme Report


    You can add new Chit Schemes like subscription amount, number of subscribers, number of months and total chit amount.

    You can view Chit Schemes Details

  • Subscriber Details 3

    Add You can add members into your database

    Profile You can view individual member by entering their member id and get the details of particular member at the same time you can update the data

    View Members You can just view all member details by alphabetical order

  • Chit Start 4

    Start a Chit You can start New Chit like what will be the chit amount, duration, number of chit members, branch etc.

    Add New Member After start a new chit has started you can select members by entering their first character which is already stored in database. Its nothing but registration to particular Chit/Group Id. A minimum amount will be charges for registration.

    View Subscriber by Chit Id After entering members into particular Chit, You can view how many members are subscribed and their subscription numbers, members id etc

    By Member Id By entering members name you can select particular member and you will get Chit Details where selected member is participating. Again there you can click view data to view details of chit members in particular chit id

  • 4 Contd..

    Account Details

    By entering members name you can select particular member and you will get Chit details where selected member is participating. You click View Data to view details of payment history of particular member for particular chit id

  • 5 Payment Details

    Accept Payment

    Here Group No/Chit ID will be displayed. Here you have to select particular chit id and after selecting chit id drop down menu will appear, in that drop menu all the members name will display where members belongs to selected chit id. After selecting particular member name it shows the amount/balance amount to be payable, paid etc. Next u can select payment mode whether it is cash or bank, if it is bank u have to select bank name from list and enter other details as required. *Note: If it is other than cash transaction, amount will be accepted as payment only after confirmation is done. You can confirm that amount is credited to your account by selecting next menu Cheque Status. Secondly if payment/installment already accepted by manually then you have to enter manual receipt number otherwise not

    Cheque Status

    When there is cheque payment then you have to confirm that cheque is honored. Then only amount will be accepted in your payment list otherwise it will be treated as due.

    Payment Report by Chit Id Here you can view payment history of particular chit id along with other details

  • 5 Contd..

    Payment Report By Member

    Here you view individual payment history by selecting name of a person. When you enter/select particular member, then you will find details of chit ids where member is participating and clicking particular Chit ID/Group ID you can view payment details

  • 6 Chit Bid Details

    Auction Advice

    Here you can do auction by selecting Branch, Group/Chit Id, Member and action amount. If it is first bid, automatically first bid will go to company

    Bid Report

    Here you can get bid details of particular Chit/Group.

    Chit Status

    It is option given to edit status of Chit

  • 7 Group Auction Details

    Add Group Bid

    It is for generate report to display details of next bid time, next bid timings etc, last bid amount, total bids etc...

    Edit Group Bid Details

    You can edit the information of Group Bid Details

    Group Bid Details Report

    To display report where it contains the information of Chit/Group ID, Next Bid Date, Timings, No Bids, Last Bid amount etc...

  • 8 Security Details

    Add Security Details

    After Bid you have to give security details to take bid amount. There you find pre-defined security type in drop down and there after you have to select branch, chit/group id and member name. It will display Chit id when there is any person is entitled to receive bid amount otherwise it will not display any information

    Chit Award Here you have to select branch, group/chit id and members, there you will find members name. If he already has given surety details you will be allowed to enter chit award page otherwise you will be redirected to surety details for further process

    Chit Award Report

    It gives details of prized and non-prized money of every member in particular Chit/Group ID

  • 8 Contd.. Surety Report

    Here you can get details of surety given by member

    Chit Award Details Report

    Here you will get report of Chit award details.

  • 9 Receipt Details

    Computerized Receipts

    Here you can view the details of member, date of amount paid, total amount pay and others by entering computerized receipt number..

    Manual Receipts

    Here you can view the details of member, date of amount paid, total amount pay and others by entering manual receipt number.

  • 10 Ticket Transfer Details

    Ticket Transfer

    Here you can replace subscriber

    Ticket Transfer Details

    Here you will get information of about replaced subscriber.

  • SMS Alert Details 11

    Send SMS by Member ID To send sms to individual member

    Send SMS by Group ID

    To send sms to all the members in a group.

    Send SMS to Members To send sms to all members.

    Send SMS to Individuals To send sms to individual other than members

    Send SMS to Agents To send sms to agents

    View SMS by Member ID

    To view sms sent to members

  • 11 Contd. View SMS by Group No

    To view sms sent to particular Chit/Group ID

    View SMS By Date

    View Sent SMS by Datewise

  • 12 Mode of Payment Details

    Payment Mode All

    It displays total Receipts from all over the branches

    Payment Mode by Branch

    It displays total Receipts from individual branch.

  • 13 Reports

    Payment History

    It generates report of payment list by Chit/Group wise

    Defaulters List

    It generates report of defaulters list by Chit/Group wise

    Defaulters List with Address

    It generates report of defaulters list by Chit/Group wise with address.

    Defaulters Pay List

    It generates prized and non-prized list

  • 14 Agents

    Add Agents

    Here you can enter agent details

    View Agents List

    Can view agents details and update the same time.

    Agent Commission Report

    It generates commission details of an agent.

    Commission Payment to Agents

    You can make agents commission payments.

    Update Agents

    You can update agents details

  • 15

    Day BOOK

    It gives cash book details

  • 16 Create User Id and Password

    Create New User Id

    Here u can create user id and password for the new branch

    View Details

    Here u van view all the user id and its details at the same time you can change or hold the transaction of particular branch from main branch by updating or deleting particular record

  • Master Entry

    Customer Details

    Chit Schemes

    Employee Details

    Collection Agent Details

    Change Collector

    Collectors Transaction


    Documents Provided

    Receipt Book Issue

  • Reports

    Customer Details

    Employee Details

    Branch Details

    Chit Details

    Introducer Details

    List Of Holidays

    Registrar Details

    Collection Agent Details