Big Project, Small Staff, Tight Deadlines

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  1. 1. P. Jay Massey Director, Web Services University of West Florida @ JAY MASSEY
  2. 2. We Have Limited Time Today No weeds Moving fast This is typically a 4-8 hour consult High-level review of how we did it Happy to chat afterwards for more detail at lunch, dinner, or whenever, find me & AMA @ JAY MASSEY
  3. 3. @ JAY MASSEY @JayMassey - managing web teams since 1999 Director, Web Services University of West Florida Founder / Chief Vision Officer Coco Interactive, LLC What are your duties?
  4. 4. @ JAY MASSEY
  5. 5. @ JAY MASSEY Monarch Nobles Knights Merchants Farmers Surfs President VPs / Provost(s) AVPs / Deans Exec Dirs Directors Staff
  6. 6. Disclaimer: Everyones situation is different these are what worked for us. The job interview Limited staff No budget Web Services is under Marketing & Communications Speed of change issues ITS was deep into a 3-yr Banner implementation Trigger came from the top Be prepared to run with it (with little notice) @ JAY MASSEY
  7. 7. Flash homepage 50,000 pages Static Dreamweaver maintained 130 DW content providers ColdFusion web server Usablenet accessibility @ JAY MASSEY
  8. 8. 5,600 pages down from 50,000 Fully responsive, CMS-managed public website Removed roadblocks Glut content Usability Accessibility Mobility Search-ability Engaged Stakeholders 230 CMS-trained CPs Web Summit @ JAY MASSEY
  9. 9. rsrCH noun 1. the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. verb 2. investigate systematically. Make your case with research 2011 E-Expectations Report: The Online Expectations of Prospective College Students and Their Parents @ JAY MASSEY Other universities and colleges Whitepapers, etc. UWF survey (782) Homepage heatmap Wireframe review
  10. 10. Mind map Wall art Pre-screening vendors Reviewing migration options @ JAY MASSEY
  11. 11. Timeline Current Issues Personas Message Market Accessibility Mobility Search SEO @ JAY MASSEY Discussion Points Internet Marketing Other Institutions (peer, aspirant, cool stuff) Statistics / Analytics Process Sample Sites Content Management 3rd Party Products Quality Assurance
  12. 12. We started the process with an interim step Rebuilt on the legacy website homepage and styles only Benefits: Remove Flash from homepage More time to work on major process Subtle transition to new visual styling Introduce more audience- centered layout @ JAY MASSEY
  13. 13. We did CMS First (not recommended) Compare Content Management Systems CMS Matrix as Part of the RFP Software Capabilities Required / Preferred / Beneficial Service Capabilities Required / Beneficial Technical Capabilities Required / Beneficial @ JAY MASSEY
  14. 14. Open Source vs. Commercial License CMS Cost, Value, Contracts, Comparing Apples to Apples Do Not Underestimate the Time This could be the most time consuming part of the process @ JAY MASSEY
  15. 15. @ JAY MASSEY
  16. 16. where we were @ JAY MASSEY
  17. 17. Therealityof anenterprise migration where we went @ JAY MASSEY
  18. 18. Research / Planning Procurement Responsive Design (accessible, mobile, searchable) CMS Integration Pre-training / Train the Trainer Content Migration Review / Testing Training (ongoing) QA Audits & Maintenance (ongoing) New Development (ongoing) Web Governance @ JAY MASSEY
  19. 19. Divide and Communicate Top Down Bottom Up User surveys Focus group Leadership updates Content provider input and training @ JAY MASSEY
  20. 20. Take Note of Your Assets and Use What You Have People, Money or Time Leadership Vendors Money opportunities Campus staff and students Content Providers Crowd-sourced migration @ JAY MASSEY
  21. 21. @ JAY MASSEY
  22. 22. Pre-migration Sessions Getting ready CMS Migration Trainings How to use the system and move content easily CMS Training How to use the system Post-migration, Ongoing Training How to use the system better @ JAY MASSEY
  23. 23. 1. Communication is key to your survival Communications plan Professional communicator (if possible) Under promise, over communicate 2. Leverage anything and everything 3. CMS Matrix 4. Migration is your albatross, plan for it 5. Always keep your eye and heart on the user @ JAY MASSEY
  24. 24. Happy to chat about your situation Find me - dinner, breakfast, lunch, coffee, beer, phone, tweet, AMA @ JAY MASSEY