Arctic Web Map, PolarMap.js, Arctic Sensor Web, and Arctic Citizen Sensors

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    0.23 litre/minute

    0.25 litre/minute0.27 litre/minuteRH: 85 %

    Temp: 18 Celsius

    Dr. Steve Liang Founder and CEO, SensorUp Inc. Associate Professor, University of Calgary

  • About Dr. Steve LiangAssociate Professor, Geomatics Engineering, Uni. Calgary

    AITF-Microsoft Industry Research Chair on Open Sensor Web

    Chair OGC SensorThings API Standard Working Group

    Rapporteur, ITU-T SG12/11 on Internet of Things Test Specifications

    Founder and CEO, SensorUp Inc

    Father of Noah Liang

  • Where are the wild fire?

  • Web Mercator Projection

    served 80% of world population well

    however, there are still people living in high latitude regionssuch as Canadians

  • Alternative?Deploy our own web mapping stacks. Open source

    servers supports multiple projects, right?

    OSM is free to use. Data is not a problem anymore! We can always download Planet.osm, load into a web mapping server and set up a cache, right?

    My friend, its a lot of work in order to display the locations of wildfire

  • A typical web mapping site for Arctic

  • Why so many applications still using Web Mercator Projections?

    Web Mercator-based tools provide great User Experiences (Developer Experience).

    Many easy-to-use API/SDKs

    Many tiles available with minimum response time

    Data available across pan-arctic regions

  • Arctic Web Map

  • Arctic Web Map

    1. Arctic Web Map (Tiles)

    2. PolarMap.js

    Based on OSM, synced regularly (great for community engagement), six different projections

    A Leaflet plugin for AWM tiles and polar-specific functions (e.g., rotation)

  • Arctic Web Map

  • Example Application - #1

  • Example Application - #2

  • Example Application - #3

  • Arctic Citizen Sensors





    Working on the second version sensor with an OEM now

  • Arctic Citizen Sensors

  • Acknowledgement

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