10 reason why digital altitude is the top mlm program in 2016

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Top 10 Reasons Why Digital Altitude is the Number One Program in 2016

Reason #1CoachesThroughout every step of the program you get to talk to a real live person who has helped many people become successful

Reason #2Sponsor LockAs soon as someone join under you, they are locked to your current level. So if you are Aspire and they choose to upgrade to Rise, you do not receive those commissions. They pass up to your sponsor. So it makes sense to upgrade quickly.

Reason #3High Ticket CommissionsIs it easier to sell 1000 $10 products or a single $1000 product. There are several high commission products ranging from >$100 up to $12k

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Reason #4Recurring CommissionsIf you want to be successful in this program you need to pay the monthly Walker, Hiker and Climber fees. As an affiliate, you collect these monthly commissions.

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Reason #5Live In Person TrainingPurchasing products like Ascend, Peak and Apex all come with a live training aspect at a beautiful luxury resort.

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Reason #6The CommunityThere is a huge aspect of belonging, support and friendship within Digital Altitude. This changes your mindset and contributes massively to your success.

DA Community

Reason #7On Going Training

Multiple times a week, every week you can tune into free DA Live Calls where they talk to successful members and ask them to demonstrate what they have done to become successful. Its open and free for everyone. Check it out

DA Live Call

Reason #8No Selling to Family & Friends

Unlike traditional MLMs, DA recommends you dont include your friends and family. Find people who are interested, typically through online methods like Facebook and YouTube ads.

Reason #9Leaders are Online Veterans

From the founder Michael Force to sr. coach John Lavenia, many internet marketing pioneers are on staff or members of Digital Altitude

Reason #10100% Online Business

This is a complete online business. You can work from home or anywhere in the world provided you can access the internet. Move where ever you like.

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