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  1. 1. SbwfBEAUTYRNEYS WYORK B NTRACIE MARTYN:Dont be so cheeky!You know I would never discuss my celebrity c| ients! !TRACIE MARTYN:I'm very calm.My clients are often insanely busy with special events,films,or photo shoots when they come to see me.I try to balance things out by staying as low-key as possible and calming them down.This is a big part of my mission. TRACIE MARTYN:Marius,my boyfriend and partner.He is not really a possession - but we kind of belong to each other if you know what I mean.Marius is the visionary genius behind the TRACIE MARTYN skincare line.His background is nutrition.He applied that knowledge to the creation of the products.All my clients - not just Madonna - have a healthy lifestyle so they want skincare that merges technology with purity. TRACIE MARTYN:Botox is great for people who are looking to avoid surgery.It really works well on the forehead.My ENZYME EXFOL| ANT"" is great for prolong- ing the effects of Botox as it contains a natural muscle relaxing amino acid that targets expression lines. TRACIE MARTYN:Coming back?Who said I was coming back!It I was going to come back Id come back as a goddess,which means,I suppose,that I would not have to come back at all.I hope that answers your question. TRACIE MARTYN:When I realized that I could help my mum have a better life. TRACIE MARTYN:Many of my clients are authors.I try to read all their books.But sometimes after a crazy day I just need to pick up a Hello magazine so I can have a good laugh.