The Grocery Eye: Show us your pearly whites

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The oral care category is valued at over 1 billion and while specific products are often bought owing to habitual purchase, the category is relatively more driven by health claims and other product benefits than food and drink categories. In addition, whilst price is an important consideration it is also recognised for being high quality. Brand plays a stronger role presenting an opportunity to push premium new product development, whether its focussing on core health attributes or more cosmetic benefits. The Grocery Eye examined the shopping habits of 2,000 supermarket shoppers to identify perceptions towards purchasing food and drink, as well as non-food products. It assessed the oral care category to understand topics such as perceptions towards category innovation, product attributes, as well as drivers and barriers to purchase. Check out our infographic which provides a top level overview of some key research findings across the oral care category including: Purchase motivators from price and health information to brand and product type. Drivers and barriers to purchase what are the most important factors? Future considerations the features which will be important over the next 2 years. For a detailed overview of consumer perceptions across the oral care sector and The Grocery Eye please call or email Catherine Elms, Research Director on +44(0)1865 336 400 or


<ul><li> 1. The Grocery Eye study was conducted in November 2013 with 2,000 primary grocery shoppers, including 450 oral care category buyers. For further information please contact Catherine Elms, Research Director E: T: +44(0)1865 336 400 Data courtesy of SPA Future Thinking innovation intelligence inspiration PURCHASE MOTIVATORS IMPORTANT FEATURES SHOW US YOUR PEARLY WHITES While specific products are often bought owing to habitual purchase, the oral care category is relatively more driven by health claims and other product benefits than food and drink categories. Pricing factors are still important but giving consumers a good reason to buy and more for their money is key. Most popular oral care products Colgate clearly leads the field for claimed brand purchase, in a category with low own label prominence. Aquafresh is the second most popular toothpaste, and Listerine the lead mouthwash Products currently purchased 5831201414 Colgate is the favourite oral care brand with almost 3 in 5 buying the brand nowadays look for price when arriving at the oral care section Health information 43% Brand Product type Pack size Purchase hierarchy - what do consumers look for first at the oral care aisle? Price leads the decision hierarchy with health information most likely considered second. Brand shows a stronger role within this category versus food/drink 20% 18% 12% 6% Flavour 1% 35% U sual purcha se Low price 24% Va lue for mon ey 24% On offer 20% Heal th/dental cl aims 20% Reasons for recent purchase Habit is the lead reason for buying, with low price and good value for money also important. 12% Recyclable packaging 69% Price 52% Freshens breath 46% Strengthens/ protects teeth 46% Strengthens/ protects gums 39% High quality 34% Whitening properties 26% Well known national brand 19% Traditional flavours Current important features After price, product features/benefits are of secondary importance, ahead of quality 2 in 5 look at price first when arriving at the oral care section Category agreement: Buyers While seen as high quality, many buyers agree that some product claims are not believable and cite many very similar products across the category. Ensuring differentiation through credible relevant claims is key 60% Quality 72% Pack size 55% Claims not believable 58% NPD 75% Convenient 77% Many same products Changing importance over the next 2 years The next 2 years is expected to see strengthening gums and teeth given increasing emphasis and pulling away from whitening and freshening breath Price Strengthen/ protect gums Strengthen/ protect teeth 41% 24% 22% Over 3/4 of buyers consider oral care to be a competitive category with many similar products </li> </ul>