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Social distancing kit includes all the essential tools to maintain social distancing and keep you safe from the virus. It is a must have kit for small businesses.

Text of Social Distancing Kit – AIPL Shopee

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It is a kit that includes all the essentials such as face mask, face shields, disinfectant to barricade tapes,

floor marking tapes, and workplace safety signages to aware all your employees and daily visitors of the social distancing norms and lowers the risk of coronavirus spread. 

This kit is ideally suited for corporate offices, industries, and retail spaces. 

Social Distancing Kit

Comprises of the following products :

Signages Categories

Special Draw Cord Design

Skin Friendly Cotton Rich Fabric.

Reusable & Washable

No irritation, No marks

Safety Face Cover

Eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Destroys cold & flu viruses.

Disinfects surfaces & Objects

Ideal for home and workplace

Disinfectant Spray

Covers entire face

Comfort fit – Suitable for use with mask & glasses

Skin-friendly & Sweat Absorbent Elastic

Unparallel clarity & Fog resistance

Easy cleaning & Sterilisation

Face Shield

Easily grabs attention

Strong Adhesion

Easy to use

3 Safety Signages in One Social Distancing Kit

Safety Signages

Easily grabs attention

Optimal Thickness

Easy to use

Quick removal

Barricade Tape

High Strength

Rubber Adhesive

Minimum residue-free removal

Immediate quick-stick

Floor Marking Tape

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