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Our Newest Ideas presented at Index 2014 in Geneva, April 2014

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This is a short Power Point presentation about our newest ideas for adult care for people who are bedriden or in a wheelchair.

Text of Our Newest Ideas presented at Index 2014 in Geneva, April 2014

  • Diaper Workshop Optimizing Your Diaper Design -Beyond the Basics 28 January, Dallas, Texas By Carlos Richer Richer Investment SA de CV . Confidential
  • The future of sensing devices FIRST IDEA: Wireless temperature Sensor
  • In Japan? Maybe, they like to change lots of diapers each day. In Developing or Emerging Countries? For sure not! Why so many parents were a bit angry in social forums? In my opinion: It is much better to use it for adult care. Launched commercially in Brazil in May 2013 Huggies Pee Tweet R Good concept, but it can be improved It uses a humidity sensor (not the best ) First some background before I show you our first idea
  • Problems with Humidity Sensors Premature alarms may tweet when diaper is still almost dry (excessive changes). Impossible to reset the alarm for a new insult to maximize diaper`s use. A larger baby may be able to remove it by hand, potential liability issues. Another problem may be the presence of magnetism near baby`s genitals. Magnetism near genitals has been linked to testicular tumors, but only on babies. The reality today: Pee Tweet R is not the huge success that was expected! Why? What is the real solution? Use a new alert alarm, but preferable only for adult briefs (for the bedridden and wheelchair patients)
  • Our Solution: Diaper with Temperature Sensor Alarm Triggered by a Temperature Pulse Diaper uses a reusable temperature sensor outside of the diaper`s Textile Backsheet. It can be wireless (like an active RFID), wired, or with an internal tweeting capability. External sensor monitors diaper backsheet temperature (without any contact with urine). Extremely sensitive sensors already available, within 0.75 C. Programmable temperature ramp (pulse) Alarm is triggered when the sensor detects a temperature gradient up (an incremental pulse). No more premature or false alerts! You can decide how much volume you want to hold. It can alert of multiple insults as desired by caregiver. If you want a new Tweet or Alarm, you simply reset the alarm and it will be ready. (*) Patent Pending at the USPTO Inventors: Carlos Richer & Virginio Marconato
  • Wireless temperature Sensor (*) (*) Patent Pending at the USPTO Inventors: C. Richer & V. Marconato Battery operated Miniature RFID (active) Temperature sensors Micro wireless temperature sensor
  • How does it work?
  • The diaper gets an insult. It will not trigger a signal until it reaches the wireless temperature sensor
  • The temperature gradient is detected by the temperature sensor (works as well if it is wired without the need of a battery) and it sends a signal, sound alarm or tweet.
  • The caregiver is alerted to come to change the diaper.
  • She recovers the reusable temperature sensor (1); she discards soiled diaper (2); and installs the sensor into a fresh diaper (3). That`s it! 1 2 3
  • SECOND IDEA: Disposable Personal Toilet (DPT) for Bedridden, Wheelchair, and people with limited mobility (Imagine your diaper is wet and you cant move)
  • Take a piece of hydrophilic cotton (17), like a cotton dish used to remove makeup. Compress one end of the fibers and insert them with pressure into a 3mm flexible hose (16) until it is tight. That`s it! You have created a urine extraction device, it will remove urine by capillary forces once inserted into a diaper pad under suction. Now. Let`s put it together with the previous Temperature Sensing Invention. Let me explain first what is a urine extraction device
  • This is the system, let me start explaining Step by Step
  • 1-We start with a disposable adult brief, the core made with PULP and a good Liquid Acquisition Distribution Layer(*) (*)Any adult brief with a good ADL, with most SAP removed will do. It may also work with SAP but it may not be as efficient.
  • 2-We add a wireless temperature sensor this wireless sensor will be reusable. (*)There are many commercially available, many ranges to choose, They are low cost and battery can last for months.
  • 3-Add a small flexible hose (3 mm) with the compressed cotton fibers, as it has been explained (*). This is the disposable personal toilet DPT for short (I suggest 4 to 6 per day) ** IT IS DISPOSABLE!! ** (*)Take a cotton dish, compress the cotton fibers at one end and force them inside the flexible hose (this is our capillary extraction system)
  • 4-Connect the Personal Disposable Toilet to the automatic suction system. Cost of (PDT) is similar to a disposable brief!! With all the advantages.
  • 5-Adding a pushbutton and the patient can dry by herself or by himself. Add a container and you will know the exact Diuresis of your patients. Last step: Make sure to license this technology (Extremely low fees Really) (*) Patent Pending at the USPTO Inventors: V. Marconato & C. Richer1-Dry Skin=Healthy skin 2-No smell (no masking) 3-More independence. 4-Simple Diuresis. 5-Similar Cost. 6-More Ecological.
  • How does it work?
  • How does it work? Step by step 1-When the user insults the diaper with urine, it will wick the absorbent pad inside the diaper until it reaches the wireless temperature-sensing transmitter 15. 2- This sensor is placed so it is touching the pad, outside of the backsheet 3-A wireless receiver 18 is monitoring the temperature of the backsheet and as soon as it complies with the desired set point (a temperature gradient), it will close an electrical circuit that will turn on the suction pump 19. 4-The suction pump 19 is connected to a suction means inside the absorbent core 17 using a flexible hose 16. The hose is flexible but strong enough to resist collapse from the vacuum. 5-Because the fibers are wet and under compression, they create an effective seal with the suction point that helps prevent the entrance of air bubbles, forcing the movement of the liquid by capillarity and liquid extraction to start.
  • 6-Urine begins to be extracted from the diaper and collected in an optional reservoir 20, or directly discharged to the WC, 22. 7-After an optional timer integrated in the wireless receiver has elapsed, for example 3 minutes, the pump shuts down completing a urine extraction cycle. 8-The system remains in stand by waiting for a new cycle (a new temperature pulse). 9-It is also possible to start a urine extraction cycle using a manual push button that produces the same effect as the detection of the temperature-sensing transmitter. 10-After a suitable time or after a few urine extraction cycles, the diaper is removed and discarded and replaced with a new diaper. We suggest 4 to 6 DPT`s per day. How does it work? Continuation
  • If you would like to sponsor any of these ideas please contact me at: [email protected] You may already know somebody without mobility in need of such a solution, in a few more years it may be you!
  • Thank You Questions? By Carlos Richer Richer Investment SA de CV Diaper Consulting Services [email protected] Factory Audits Inventor, R&D Projects Feasibility Projects Benchmark Reports Technical Support Machine Appraisals Insurance Claims Expert Witness What do we do? Join the Disposable Diaper Network Group at Linkedin and be connected with 4,195 diaper executives in 165 countries

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