Mistakes that costs a career in nursing

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<p>Mistakes That Costs A Career In Nursing</p> <p>We know that you have worked diligently hard to get your nursing certification. Regardless of your quality as a trained nurse, your future hinges upon your temperament and the rapport you maintain with your colleagues and patients. In the healthcare industry, everyone knows everyone. This remains a vital reason to maintain a positive reputation to propel you into further success.</p> <p>Here are usual mistakes that cost a career in Nursing:Team? What is that?It might sound like a cliche but team player skills are mandatory in the field of healthcare. Don't get us wrong. You might be the most efficient, caring and hardworking nurse in your ward, however a loner attitude isn't going to take you any further. You are there to provide pristine, quality service. Statements such as its not my job or i was overwhelmed will carry you to the door faster than you can say Geronimo.</p> <p>Ah, the Kangaroo!As a leading healthcare solutions provider in New York, we have come across several nursing applicants with kangaroo resumes.</p> <p>Reading a dozen pages stuffed into your resume because you couldn't stick onto a single hospital for more than a few months isn't something we are eager about.</p> <p>Let those bridges burnThere are fantastic doctors, bad assistants and nurses wed rather forget at some point of our career. But hey, despite your personal opinions, they hold the key to your future career. Remember that the supervisor you are about to put into place, is the one wholl be talking to the recruiter from the new place you are eyeing when he calls in for reference.</p> <p>Not providing sufficient careYou cannot blame this one bad days. </p> <p>Nursing is the field where insufficient care can potentially scuttle your career. </p> <p>Once sunk, you reputation is almost impossible to rebuild!</p> <p> Thanks Follow Us On : TwitterFacebookPinterest</p>