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The Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT) Platform for Healthcare Logistics Management presented in partnership with Dakota Integrated Solutions. iFIT empowers staff with modern logistics management technology which enables them to track and manage records and physical assets using RFID tagging. RFID readers on door frames, wards and treatment areas detect and record interactions.

Text of IFIT in healthcare

  • Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT) Platform for Healthcare Logistics Management In Partnership with Dakota Integrated Solutions 04 JUNE 2014 Ron Burdis/Steve Wightman
  • 2 IFIT: MULTI-PURPOSE PLATFORM APPROACH Step Approach: Infrastructure underpinned through iFIT for Health Records Incremental Rollout of other Applications: Asset Tracking and Management Supplies and Batch Management Pathology Process and Tracking Management Patients at Risk Tracking and Management Workforce Management Clinical Mobile Workers Internal/External Communications deficiencies Multi-Use approach leveraging maximum benefits Transition Management tool going forward with EDRM and Scanning
  • iFIT for Health Records Solution Review:
  • 4 KEY DRIVERS FOR CHANGE Drivers: Improve Information Governance Full Audit Trail of Records Activity Streamline Audit Activity Improved Statutory Reporting Support Level 3 Rating Going to 24X7 Operation Improve Service to Clinical Community. Reduce Admin Overhead Secure and Audit Library Access Replace an antiquated CNT Application. Prepare for EDRM
  • 5 IFIT: ADVANCED RECORDS PROCESS FUNCTIONALITY Intelligent Barcode Management (IBM): Un-Tethered Tracking Location Base Filing Bulk Loading and Delivery Containerisation RFID Passive Tracking Technology Auto Check in/out of the libraries Streamline Record Searches Streamline Audits of files in circulation Process Management: Automated: Picking, Re-Filing, Reminder lists Alerts and Call Backs Retention management Third Party Offsite Storage Integration Auto generation and electronic delivery of Picking List Tracking of agreed SLAs Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd Product List Prices 1128 Bluetooth UHFRFID Reader Description Part Number Contents Regional Availability List Price (GBP) Approx List Price (EUR) Approx List Price (USD) 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader with UHF Antenna and Trigger Handle 1128-EU-BT-UHF-A1 (ETSI) 1128-US-BT-UHF-A1 (FCC) 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader with UHF antenna & trigger handle, battery, battery cover, Micro USB cable, USB charger EU, US 795.00 961.95 $1,311.75 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader with 2D Imager, UHF Antenna and Trigger Handle 1128-EU-BT-UHF-IMG(ETSI) 1128-US-BT-UHF-IMG(FCC) 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader with 2D Imager, UHF antenna, trigger handle, battery, battery cover, Micro USB cable, USB charger EU, US 925.00 1,119.25 $1,526.25 1128 Slimline Grip attachment 1128-SLG 1x Slimline Grip attachment EU,US 25.00 30.25 $41.25 Belt Holster for 1128 Slimline Grip 1128-HOLST-01-SLG 1x Belt Holster (to fit 1128 with slimline grip) EU,US 35.00 42.35 $57.75 Belt Holster for 1128 Trigger Handle 1128-HOLST-01-TRG 1x Belt Holster (to fit 1128 with trigger handle) EU,US 30.00 36.30 $49.50 4-Slot EasyPack Battery Charger 1136-01-4WMS-CHG Multi-slot Battery charger, 2x battery retaining clips (Requires Motorola Power Supply PWRS-14000- 148R and IECmains lead, not included) EU, US 145.26 175.76 $239.68 1128 Accessory Mount 1128-MNT-UNI 1x Accessory Mount EU, US 25.00 30.25 $41.25 1128 Device Mount for iPhone (4th gen) 1128-MNT-IPHN4G 1x iPhone 4th gen Mount EU, US 30.00 36.30 $49.50 1128 Device Mount for iPhone (5th gen) 1128-MNT-IPHN5G 1x iPhone 5th gen Mount EU, US 30.00 36.30 $49.50 1128 Device Mount for iPod th 1128-MNT-IPOD4G 1x iPod touch 4th gen Mount EU, US 30.00 36.30 $49.50 The new 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader is designed to read and write to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO18000-6C) UHF transponders and communicate with a variety of host devices via Bluetooth wireless technology. With its Impinj R2000 core and range of interchangeable high performance antennas, the 1128 performs like no other reader, giving the user the highest levels of flexibility currently available in todays market. Arange of customisable holders are available by request* . The 1128 can also be configured with class leading high performance 2D data scanning.
  • 6 IFIT: FORMS MANAGEMENT Enhanced Functions: Clinical Prep Forms Production Automates Clinic Prep Form Production Assures Current Patient Details Eliminates out of date stock label use
  • 7 IFIT: REPORT MANAGEMENT Health Records KPI Reporting Number per month Of: Temporary Notes Missing files Records in the libraries Records outside of the libraries i.e.: in Circulation Records in circulation by location Records at offsite Records Management Stores Total number of records in existence Length of time /average records are retained by areas Records due for culling re-retention periods Identification of records that require merging Number of records pulled for clinics Movements in and out of health record libraries Enhanced Functions: Flexible User Configurable Pulling Lists Daily Data Quality Reports Pre-defined reports (Statutory/KPIs). An ad hoc reporting facility. Full auditing and report facilities Supports NHSLA/CQC Executive Dashboard
  • 8 IFIT: IRECORDS FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Library Management: Location Based Filing o No Pre-Sort o No Snaking of Records Virtual File Room oOne view for all Patient records regardless of location/volume. Accessions o New file creation Automated Call Forward Reminders Automated Call Back Reminders Missing Records Alerts Temporary file creation Auto Duplicate file merging Deceased Records Management File splitting Loose papers management and tracking Secure Access Control (Library Lockdown). User Configurable on the fly Picking lists. Multi-Volume Control and Management. Automated Weeding list based on PAS last date of encounter. File Tracking: Intelligent Barcode Management Passive RFID SmartPad Auto Checkout/In Un-Tethered (SmartMobile) Tracking of Records Containerisation (Bulk Deliveries) Archiving: Offsite Records Management oAuto-Archiving of records oManagement of SLAs oAuto Pulling Lists (just another library). Scanning and image storage Management: oScan and Archive Deceased notes, A&E CasCards etc. oTrust Enterprise Image Viewer (ImageStore). Clinical Records Prep: Automated generation of Clinical Preparation forms Option for eForms delivery Includes Clinical Coding Interface. Clinical PAS Interface: Patient Demographics Sync. Optional PAS/iFIT Context interface Information Governance: Full life-cycle historic tracking audit trail by user. Retention Management to NHS Code of Practices. Disposal/Destruction Management to: BSI0008 Standards (scanning and/or destruction audit log). Security Management oEach User activity logged oLegitimate relationship reporting capabilities. Trust Records Reporting Facilities: oStatutory and KPI Reporting templates oAd-Hoc volumetric reporting. oStaff/Team statistics reporting (Efficiencies). Mobility (Untethered Tracking): SmartMobile Devices: oSmartBadge Barcode Scanning oSmartMobile RFID Scanning oET1: Android Digital Tablets (Mobile Desktop).
  • 9 TRUST RECORDS SERVICES ESTABLISHMENT 7500 Employee Trust Pages created per Event >>>>> 7 to 10 Nature of Event p.a. Average Pages ('000) Outpatient first visit 188,467 100 Outpatients follow-up 376,578 Elective (Planned Admissions) 57,812 Other Admissions. 63,508 Total Records Pull Rate p.a. 686,365 Community Events 104,588 Other Activities Scan to Archive 0 A&E Episodes (CAS Cards) TBA Scanned: 0 Records Inventory Records in Library(s) includes Community 386,000 Records held in storage 517,350 Total Records Stock 703,350 Records recalled from p.a. 36,000 Records archived p.a. 81,121
  • 10 IFIT: TYPICAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT WTE Analysis Trust Current WTE Gap Analysis iFIT New WTE Profile % iFIT Savings iFIT Net WTE Savings iFIT Savings and GAP Analysis Role Check-In, Pre-Sort and Put- Away 14.53 14.53 2.91 80% 11.62 Location based filing: - Eliminates pre-sort, snaking, relabeling. Pulling, Tracking, Clinic, Elective Deliveries 9.00 9.00 7.20 20% 1.80 Intelligent Barcode Tracking: - Pull by rack/row, Containerise, Single-swipe delivery point. Clinic Preparation 35.77 31.77 23.83 25% 7.94 Auto-Generate CP Docs: - Print CP docs in Batches - Eliminates extensive forms preparation. - Eliminates out-dated information. Missing Records Search Activities 3.04 7.04 1.41 80% 5.63 RFID Tags/Network and Smart Devices: - Passive Tracking latest location. - Smart Search Capabilities - Audits and updates Management/Team Leaders 9.68 9.68 7.74 20% 1.94 Introduction of Smart Mobile Devices and RFID: - SmartBadge Task Management. - Less Missing File Searches. New Patient, Temp, Merge and Archive Management 1.50 1.50 1.20 20% 0.30 iFIT PAS synchronisation: - Automates record creation process. - Automates Multi-Volume Records management - Streamlines new record generation effort. - Offsite storage archiving effort eliminated. Deceased, Wards, DPA, Legal, Maternity 2.00 2.00 1.50 25% 0.50 Automated Records Management: - Archive with IBM and RFID processes: - DPA Automated Search and Reporting - Deceased Pull list auto generated. Pulling, Filing, Delivery for Audits 1.50 1.50 0.75 50% 0.75 iFIT Intelligence Module automates audit procedures and reporting Porter Services 3.50 3.50 2.63 25% 0.88 Savings will be realised through the use of the SmartBadge for Porter Task Management. Totals 80.52 80.52 49.16 31.36 Used in Savings Summary 30.00
  • iFIT: User Interface Examples Meeting Simplicity and Mo

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