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A Leading Healthcare Products Manufacturers In Singapore

Hospital equipment manufacturer

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  • A Leading Healthcare Products Manufacturers In Singapore

  • In 2000, a joint venture between Airtech Japan Ltd and Utopia Aire Pte Ltd aimed at manufacturing high quality and unique Clean Room, Bio-Safety and Operating Room Equipments. Airtech is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Clean Room, Bio-Safety and Operating Room Equipments meeting the International Standards, WHO Standards, GMP and Operating Room DIN Standards.

  • Airtech Equipments offer a wide range of products for Clean Room, Bio-Safety, Operating Room Products and also equipments which are applicable to various Industries. Airtech products are categorized into several types namely Health Care products, Hospital products, Laboratory and Bio-Safety products, Semi Conductors, Doors, etc.

  • Airtech design and manufacturers Clean Room, Bio-Safety and Operating Room Equipments to fulfil the requirements and needs of the customers and the products can also be customized by our professional design team for different Industries.

  • Airtech diversification of our product helps us to meet the needs of different Industries like Hospital (PCR, JCI, Cytotoxic, Isolation, Tuberculosis (TB) Isolation Mobile Booth, ICU Room, etc.), Healthcare Sterilize Portable Equipments, Laboratory and Bio-Safety Lab (BSL1, BSL2, BSL3, BSL4) and Semiconductors.

  • Healthcare products are sub-categorized into Clean Partition and Hand Washer and Dryer. Clean Partition products are used in Dental Operation Rooms, Operation Front Rooms, Body Inspection Rooms, Quarantines, Ceiling Type, Wall Type, etc. Hand Washer and Dryer are offered with distinct features and they are Clean Hand Washer, AHD Series, Hand Dryer Series, etc.

  • Hospital Products are distinguished into several types namely Stretcher with Physical Containment, Economic Isolated Bed, Infections Disease Treatment Room with safety, Isolated Treatment Room with Isolation, Operating Room, Surgical Room Ceiling with complete air supply, Safety Lobby Chairs for patients waiting outside, Biologically Hazard Autopsy Room, etc.

  • Laboratory & Bio-Safety comes under WHO Bio-Safety BSL 1-4 & Animal BSL 1-4 Guidelines which in turn levies some rules like the house should be independent and detached unit, Site Testing & Commissioning and Certify.

  • Semi Conductor has different categories namely Pulse Airtech Filter (Ulpa & Hepa), Clean Auto Stocker for Wafer Cassette, Large Work, Electronic Parts, etc., Clean Bench (Vertical & Horizontal, Custom Made Clean Room Equipments, Fan Filter, Airtech Lighting Systems, Air Shower Pass Box, SS Mac, Surface Particle Removal Device, Wall Panel & Floor.

  • Airtech Equipment Pte Ltd

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