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The healthcare industry has moved from "pay for service" to "pay for value" long back and one of the biggest contribution in this field is of technology. The mobile apps have truly changed the entire healthcare scenario. With over 170 hospitals and 10,000 medical professionals served all over the US, Enuke celebrates the expertise in healthcare mobile application development. Enuke provides optimal healthcare IT solutions to businesses all over the world. Check out our detailed healthcare expertise here.

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2. eBroselow 3. eBrowselow is helping to provide better Emergency Care in morethan 300+ Hospitals across USA likeThe State of Georgia The USA Navy 4. eBroselowAttainsprecision inthe medicaldosage usingtheeBroselowdoctor tapeFlow Chartof thecompletemedicationprocessPrescribingthe medicaldosage inaccordanceto theburntsurfaceIndexedsearch forthemedicines 5. eBroselowVideo - eBroselow is a web and mobile-based reference tool that can also be linked as a reference from yourhospital's EMR. It eliminates errors and extra steps in medication administration. Instantly access proper doses, speeds up the process at the time of exigencies. Improve speed and accuracy in acute preparation and administration of drugs Provides assistance to the medical staff with the flow diagram of the treatment procedure. Provided accurate medicinal dosage in accordance to the age and height. Stores the medication process of each patient as a PDF. It administers the medications and gives warning in case of incompatible drug dosage. 6. Intrigma Medical Resource Manager:- 7. Hospitals using Intrigma Medical Resource Manager Includes: 8. Intrigma Medical Resource ManagerVideo - Intrigma scheduler is an enterprise level app that makes it easy toaccess & manage your intrigma account from your iphone. Customized calendar control that works beyond monthboundaries & displays dates with variable number of days. Restkit v2.0 integrated Storyboard based application with easy navigation flow. 9. Intrigma Medical Resource Manager VS Manual SchedulingClinical StaffBurnout High MoraleLow StaffRetention PayrollSavingFatiguecompromisesqualityHigher patientsatisfactionStreamlineSchedulingSolutionAddressing thenuance of clinicalresourcemanaging 10. Expert Appointment :- 11. Expert AppointmentVideo Expert Appointment is an online system for remote medicalspecialty consultation. PHP and HTML5 based application It is a web-based interface facilitates real-time voice, videoand data communication between primary care providersand specialists. It simultaneously documents and codifiesconsultative interactions for medical record archiving, billing,and care quality analysis and improvement. 12. Expert Appointment : Key FeaturesRobust platform for remotely interacting with other specialists and subspecialists.Consultation through a computer, iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry deviceA user-friendly and intuitive interface for your personal dashboardSchedule your consultations through Gmail or Outlook calendars and smart devices.Flexible rule-based re-scheduling 13. Expert Appointment : Key FeaturesSpeak through your computer or phone during the consultationExchange files or chat messages during the interactionShare screen to make the interaction more productive.Consult the ever-expanding knowledge base to learn more about the diagnosisAsk questions by referring to specific sections of this knowledge base, and contribute to updating it. 14. Eye Screen :- 15. Eye Screen App :-Video- Eye Screen is an application for over the age of 50, for screening theireyesight. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause ofvision loss and blindness for people over the age of 50, and the mostcommon cause of blindness in the western world. Using this applicationuser can keep the track of their vision on daily or weekly basis. PhoneGap/Cordova based application. Allows user to take different type of eye tests like armsler grid test & mini-snellentests. 16. SafeDose :- 17. SafeDose App (iPhone, iPad)Video - It is like having a trusted pediatric pharmacist (or Doctor Broselow) looking over your shoulder to make sureany dose you give to a child is accurate. Avoid the frustrating ten-fold dosing errors that can lead to "death bydecimal point." iMedicalApps said SafeDose is "useful and well designed... Undoubtedly, the potential formedication errors would be reduced if practitioners were to rely on the information provided by this app. NDC number and barcode scanning feature allows nurses and pharmacists to quickly enter the NDC numberfor any drug with an FDA NDC number on it (all drugs in the US). Entering this number or scanning thebarcode label with a Bluetooth scanner immediately brings up the dose in mL. All SafeDose medical content is peer-reviewed for accuracy through the Artemis Initiative. A joint effort ofeBroselow and the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group (PPAG), the Artemis Initiative is an internationalstandard for pediatric doses. PPAG consists of over 800 pediatric pharmacists from throughout the world. 18. Life Style Apps 19. IKKOS :Performance enhancement app for athletes based on the science ofneuroplasticity. 20. IKKOS (iPad)Video - The IKKOS application provides a mobile version of IKKOS proven performance-enhancementmethod for both professional and amateur athletes. Based on the science ofneuroplasticity, IKKOS has helped develop Olympic-level athletes, and can deliver for anyathlete breakthrough performance gains almost instantaneously. Initial content is availablefor swimming, strength training, and Golf. Customized gallery with horizontal scrolling similar to Netfix app for browsing IKKOS videolibrary. In App Purchase | Server Interaction Vidoe processing | Screenshot Capturing | VideoTrimming | Multiple video player. 21. Torah-Soul App:Anti-depressant app aims at neurological calmness. 22. Torah-Soul App (iPhone)Video - Torah Soul is an app for personal inspiration, direction and growth that uses thewisdom of the ancient Jewish texts. You can find the category that best fits your situation or randomly browse the Torahquotes to feed and delight your soul. Thousands of years of wisdom in the palm ofyour hands. App provides various ways to search, sort & filter the quotes. User can save his favorite saying separately in the app & can easily find them at oneclick. 23. India AddressIndustrial Development AreaIDC-87, Sector 16,Gurgaon, Haryana122001, India9958490489 9953106042 9873923561+91 - 0124 - ForSales & Support)USA Address17440 N Tatum Blvd (#371)Phoenix AZ 85032, USA(+1) Sales & Support) HR)Adding New iDimensionTo your Business