Global DNA Diagnostics Market (Product types, Application, Technology, End User and Geography) - Forecast, 2013 - 2020

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Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of Global DNA Diagnostics Market (Product types, Application, Technology, End User and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020 research report to their offering. See more at-


<ul><li> 1. Category : Pharma &amp; HealthcareAll logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective</li></ul> <p> 2. Introduction to Report Launch Date: August 14, 2014 Number of Pages: 170 Geography Coverage: Global Available Format: PDFPrice For Single User License: USD 4,515Price For Site User License: USD 7,515Price For Global User License: USD 10,515Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours (During Working Days) 3. About the ReportDNA diagnostics is a cutting edge method which is set torevolutionize the field of medical diagnostics. Thistechnique enables medical professionals to identifyvarious diseases, such as cancer, infectious diseases, andmyogenic disorders, and to determine the appropriatetreatment for the same.It is also used for clinical diagnostic confirmation and inprenatal 4. Key HighlightsThe concept of DNA diagnostics has evolved via thebreakthrough human genome project that resulted in thediscovery of various disease-causing agents.The DNA diagnostics market is expected to generate 19billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 9.8% during theanalysis period. Technological development has played amajor role in improving DNA diagnostic platforms andtechniques.Technological developments, which have led toimprovements in these methodologies, drive the growthof the DNA diagnostics market.The use of DNA diagnostic methods in prenataldiagnostics and clinical confirmation has also boostedmarket growth. The DNA diagnostics market is expectedto experience a growth spurt in the foreseeable 5. Key Highlights ContinuesThe increased adoption of the personalized medicinesapproach would positively impact the DNA diagnosticsmarket in the foreseeable future. Next generationsequencing is a powerful tool for decoding a number ofhuman diseases, including various forms of cancer.Next generation sequencing reduces the cost ofsequencing and increases the throughput. Theoptimization of sequencing technology could greatlyimpact the DNA diagnostics market.The instruments segment holds the dominant share inthe market, due to improved healthcare facilities,availability of user-friendly instruments, its competitivecost structure, reliability, size and the growing demand forit in the DNA diagnostics 6. Key Benefits:An in-depth analysis of various regions would provide aclear understanding of current and future trends so thatcompanies can make region specific plansThe report studies the application of next generationsequencing technology and biotechnology and theirimpact on the DNA diagnostics marketA comprehensive analysis of the factors that drive andrestrict the growth of the DNA diagnostics market isprovidedKey regulatory guidelines in various regions whichimpact the DNA diagnostics market are critically 7. Key Benefits ContinuesA quantitative analysis of the current market andestimations through 2013-2020 are provided to showcasethe financial caliber of the DNA diagnostics marketDetailed analysis of the Asia-pacific region providesinsights that would enable companies to plan theirbusiness move strategicallyValue chain analysis in the report gives a clearunderstanding of the roles of the stakeholders involved inthe supply chain of the DNA diagnostics 8. Market Segmentation:Market By Product TypeMarket By TechnologyMarket By ApplicationMarket By End UsersMarket By 9. Report Coverage1. Introduction2. Executive Summary3. Market Overview4. Global DNA Diagnostics Market By Product Types5. Global DNA Diagnostics Market By Technology, 2013-20206. Global DNA Diagnostics Market By Applications,2013-20207. Global DNA Diagnostic Market By End-users, 2013-20208. Global DNA Diagnostic Market By Geography, 2013-20209. Asia Pacific DNA Diagnostic Market Analysis 2013-202010. Company ProfilesFor more details regarding Report coverage see the last slideAll logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective 10. Company Coverage1. Roche Diagnostics2. Bayer Diagnostic3. Sysmex4. Abbott laboratories5. Gene-probe Inc.6. Cephide7. Illumina, Inc.8. Bio-Rad Laboratories9. Thermo Fisher Scientific10. Johnson and Johnson11. Novartis.For more details regarding Report coverage see the last slideAll logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective 11. Custom Research: Are you an industry professional, entrepreneur,venture capitalist, investors and organization, then letus know your specific research requirements. Our goalis to cater to your requirements be it for a custommarket research project, syndicated research report ona specific market or industry sector, newsletter creation,case study development or anything else related tomarketing research.For Any Customization Related query Visit IdeaCenter @ regular industry updates subscribe to our newsletterat: 12. How To Buy This Report?Visit following URL to see Table of Content andpurchase this publication: Market Research Reports, Inc.Market Research Reports provides a customized setof reports from reputed Publishers, built on theintelligence available within organizations andleverages on our motto of Intelligence Redefined.Contact : Amitava SenEmail : info@marketresearchreports.comPhone: +1 302-703-7787 (USA) +91-8762746600 (India) </p>


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