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  1. 1. Family Dentist Vs Regular Dentist
  2. 2. An ideal family has people from all age groups and each of them has their own health concerns. When it comes to oral care, kids are likely to get their teeth decayed because of their careless eating habits while adults are more likely to develop issues like cavities or weak gums in the later phase of their life. Apart from this, cosmetic dentistry is quite popular amongst people of all age groups and some of the family members are surely going to have some kind of cosmetic dentistry or the other at certain phase of their life.
  3. 3. Now that you are most likely to consult a dentist for different members of your family and for different reasons, it would be better to find an all in one dentist for the family. A family dentist will be able to treat kids and adults alike and in this way, you will not have to trouble yourself from finding a new dentist every time when a family member requires a dental treatment.
  4. 4. Other than that, there are many advantages of having a family dentist over a regular one. It is easy to communicate with a family dentist in your area and as he has been associated with your family for a long time, he will also have a better understanding of dental concerns of every member of the family. Your family members too are likely to develop a level of comfort with the dentist in a long run and it will be easier for them to explain their oral concerns to him without any problem.
  5. 5. Another advantage of having a family dentist is that he would charge you nominally. As you are his long- term client, therefore, you can expect him to charge reasonable for dental treatment. Many dentists also provide fixed annual consultancy fees and attractive family packages, which could turn out to be a very good bargain overall. Some of them also facilitate repayment of fee in easy installments.
  6. 6. A family dentist is also useful at time of an emergency. If you know the dentist, then you can expect certain favors like on phone consultation and thus save your time and efforts to visit a dentist. You don't have to wait for an appointment at time of an emergency; you can request the dentist to see you in priority and he is likely to accept your request in view of your long-term association with him.
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