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Autopsy Services Presented by:Sampada Khair

Anautopsyalso known as a post-mortem examination, necropsy, autopsia cadaverum, or obduction-is a highly specialized surgical procedure that consists of a thorough examination of a corpse to determine the cause and manner of death and to evaluate any disease or injury that may be present.

Objectives of autopsyTo determine the cause of deathTo ascertain whether death is natural or unnaturalWhether the death is accidental, suicidal or homicidalTo ascertain time passes since deathTo establish identity of the bodyWhether still birth or live birth of newly born infant

Autopsy servicesprovides feedback to physicians and families regarding the disease processes associated with a patient's death.major outcome of each autopsy is the accurate transmission of this information to the appropriate clinical staff in a timely manner.provides training for medical students and pathology residents in the principles and practice of anatomic pathology Helps for clinical research to improve medical care

locationGround floor is best location for mortuary block and post mortem roomSuitable exitSize depends on whether it is teaching or non teachingEstimated one death per bed per year

adequate vehicular access from the service road discreetly sited away from clinical, kitchen and dining areas, with no direct entry to public and stafflocated at ground levelthe need for convenience of access by the various users (staff, visitors and undertakers) the need for the mortuary to be associated with/or near a histopathology labnumber of entrances will be determined by whether the building is freestanding or linked directly to other hospital buildings

Mortuary blockA morgue ormortuary(in a hospital or elsewhere) is used for the storage of human corpses awaiting identification or removal for autopsy or disposal by burial, cremation or other method. Consist of mortuary room with racks for dead bodies Cold storage arrangements should be available. Temperature below 4 degree

Post-mortem roomEquipped with two drainage boards and two large sinksFloor should be stain proof and easily washableSufficient lightDrains with abundant water supplyLights and electrical fittings shold be in good working condition

Storage lockers, needed for holding personal clothing and other personal itemsFloors and drainage: Channel gratings should be designed in short sections, which can be easily lifted and disinfected by submersion in a sink or container. Drains should be of sufficient diameter to prevent blockages, particularly waste pipes from sinks

Lay out I-------------------------------------------CLEAN DIRTY* the reception area * waiting room(s) * the PM room * the dirty utility room/instr- * interview/counselling ument store room(s) * the body store* bier room(s)* offices* the general purpose and linen store* the observation area* the staff changing areas * The specimen store

PM Department


The coroners roleCoroner is a magistrate who investigate reportable deaths. This include deaths whereIdentity of the person-unknownDeath was violent or unnaturalThe was suspiciousThe cause of death is unknownThe death occurred in careThe death occurred in custodyThe death was the unexpected outcome of the healthcare to be provided

Medical OfficerCan give cause of death->without the autopsy->can fill in death intimation card->giving cause of death->send to coroner->send deposition form duly filled in within 24 hoursCannot give cause of death without autopsy->contact coroners office->get his permission for autopsy->after PM death intimation filled and signed by MO and countersigned by RMO->sent to coroner->deposition should reach within 24 hrs.

Organisational structure Professor and associate professor-establish policies and procedures-essential managerial and administrative procedures-teaching and trainingLecturer-assisting the section in chargeLab technician-accept specimens , carry out tests , maintain records and equipmentsLab attendantsSweeper Record assistantClerk/stenographer/artist/photographer


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