10 nutritional benefits eating lentils during pregnancy

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<ol><li> 1. It is essential for pregnant mothers from the first day that all the lens beans are excellent nutritional value and wealthy in vitamins B9, iron, protein, fiber, folic acid. Lentils of color, aroma and size change according to the origin, and they can be separate into lens beans, small grains and large particles. Lentils are very easy to prepare. </li><li> 2. Folic acid plays an important role in ensuring that the child grows and develops well in your womb. Lentils - a rich source of folic acid, which is best suited for use during pregnancy, to prevent birth defects such as anencephaly spina bifida growing inside you or your child. A cup of lentils gives almost 90% of the folic acid requirement for your day. </li><li> 3. Lentil beans are absolutely necessary to gain your blood pressure under control and also blood potassium loaded, guaranteed to circulate through your body without any ties. </li><li> 4. Lentils are crammed with fiber, you can get up to 8gm fibers from just half cup of lentils. Fiber present in lentils helps to deal with any irregularities in your intestinal tract. Lentils are also ideal for expectations, mothers who have constipation problems such as lens beans with all the necessary fiber. And the fiber is ideal for everyday determination of normal bowel movement, preventing symptoms of constipation. </li><li> 5. Vitamin B5 is very effective in preventing migraine and stress during pregnancy. Because lentils have a great content of vitamin B5 in them, they are typically quite useful for the prevention of stress and migraine headaches occurring during pregnancy. </li><li> 6. Anemia or iron deficiency is very common in pregnant women. Lentils have enough traces of iron. Pregnant women are necessary for a sufficient amount of iron to ensure healthy delivery and preganancy. About half a cup of lentils will give 3.3 mg of iron to help fight against any pregnant women's iron deficiency. </li><li> 7. Lentil beans provides superior in controlling the levels of cholestrol in the blood, by that means guarantee a secure and healthy pregnancy. </li><li> 8. Lentils are also filled with proteins that are absolutely necessary at every step of pregnancy. Protein is ideal for maintaining proper development and growth of children's muscles. </li><li> 9. Lentils are wealthy in fibers, minerals, magnesium, folic acid, it can reduce the risk of heart problems during pregnancy. The content of folic acid present in lentils helps to reduce the level of homocysteine, one of the major causes of heart disease. Traces of the presence of magnesium are ideal for improving oxygen, nutrients and blood flow throughout the body. </li><li> 10. The soluble fiber lentils locks carbohydrate will automatically slow down the digestive process, which will adjust the blood sugar level by it. This is very effective for women prone to gestational diabetes during pregnancy. </li><li> 11. Drinking a cup of lentils will allow you to satisfy their hungry meal without significantly increasing calories. This is a benefit for women who are aware of weight and do not want to gain weight during pregnancy. If you want to buy red lentils in Myanmar, you can visit BaganTrade.com, which is Myanmar's first and the only B2B international trading platform that engage local and global supplier. </li><li> 12. www.bagantrade.com www.facebook.com/BaganTrade </li></ol>