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  • 1.World Food DayWorld Food Day

2. proclaimed in 1979 by the United Nations Conference on Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is to warn the public on the importance of nutrition and to strengthen solidarity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty. The day marks the founding date of FAO in 1945. In 1980, the General Assembly approved the celebration, considering that "food is a condition of survival and human welfare, a fundamental human need" (Resolution 35/70 of 5 December). 3. Forced to cope with the dynamic rhythm of modern life, we adopted the Western culture of eating fast food. People have given up cooking at home, at the expense of consumption of meat foods, high in preservatives and additives and harmful organism. 4. Many people, both men and women, suffer from Many people, both men and women, suffer from various eating disorders regardless of the various eating disorders regardless of the weight they have, whether they are weight they have, whether they are underweight or overweight. underweight or overweight. 5. is caused either by starvation or by over- nutrition. Malnutrition indicates deficiency in energy, protein and micronutrients (vitamin A, iodine, iron). This disorder can cause serious health risks including decreased immune system, kidney failures, heart attacks and even death. 6. is caused by the exhaustion or lack of body fluids or by the restraint from carbohydrates and fats.Hunger, vomiting and laxative abuse are the primary causes of dehydration.The symptoms of dehydration of the body are: dizziness, physical weakness, dark urine.In extreme cases, dehydration of the body can cause kidney failure, heart failure, brain damage and even death. 7. The inability to conceive a child can be caused by eating disorders.They can lead to amenorrhea and various hormonal disorders.Malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies can prevent you from becoming pregnant or can increase the risk of having a child with health problems. 8. Frequent changes of mood orFrequent changes of mood or depression can be caused bydepression can be caused by physiological factors associatedphysiological factors associated with eating disorders, such aswith eating disorders, such as hormonal disorders, vitaminhormonal disorders, vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition ordeficiencies, malnutrition or dehydration.Experts havedehydration.Experts have concluded that certain foods canconcluded that certain foods can act like antidepressantsact like antidepressants if eaten properly.if eaten properly. 9. Unpleasant sensations Unpleasant sensations of weakness and lack of of weakness and lack of energy can be produced energy can be produced by poor diets. by poor diets. Theexcessive Theexcessive consumption of fast consumption of fast food rich in fats and the food rich in fats and the lack of fluids from the lack of fluids from the body slow digestion and body slow digestion and provoke tiredness. provoke tiredness. 10. Diarrhea, constipation, bloating,Diarrhea, constipation, bloating, flatulence, heartburn or stomach pain areflatulence, heartburn or stomach pain are just some of the health disorders thatjust some of the health disorders that may have your stomach upset if you domay have your stomach upset if you do not pay attention to what you choose tonot pay attention to what you choose to eat.Alcohol, carbonated beverages, spicyeat.Alcohol, carbonated beverages, spicy foods or high fat products are just somefoods or high fat products are just some of the foods that you may cause digestiveof the foods that you may cause digestive disorders.disorders. 11. Starchy foods like bread, cereals,Starchy foods like bread, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes are anrice, pasta and potatoes are an important component of aimportant component of a healthy meal . They shouldhealthy meal . They should represent one third of therepresent one third of the consumed food.They are a mainconsumed food.They are a main source of energy and of nutrientssource of energy and of nutrients in our diet.Besides, these foodsin our diet.Besides, these foods also contain starch and fiber,also contain starch and fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin B.calcium, iron and vitamin B. 12. contains more nutrients contains more nutrients than foods with starch. than foods with starch. Whole food digestion is Whole food digestion is also slower and it helps also slower and it helps you feel full longer. you feel full longer. Whole foods consist of: Whole foods consist of: - Wheat flour, bread - Wheat flour, bread - Full and brown rice - Full and brown rice pasta pasta- Grains - Grains 13. Many people knowMany people know they should eat morethey should eat more fruits and vegetables,fruits and vegetables, but most of them justbut most of them just ignore it.ignore it. Try eating at least fiveTry eating at least five kinds of fruits andkinds of fruits and vegetables everyvegetables every day.You can increase theday.You can increase the number of fruits andnumber of fruits and vegetablesvegetables daily.daily. 14. All of us should eat fish,All of us should eat fish, including a portion of "oily fishincluding a portion of "oily fish (sardines, herring, tuna(sardines, herring, tuna prosperous sardine, mackerel,prosperous sardine, mackerel, trout and salmon) weekly. It istrout and salmon) weekly. It is an excellent source of proteinsan excellent source of proteins and it contains many mineralsand it contains many minerals and vitamins.Eat at least twoand vitamins.Eat at least two dishes of fish per week and dodishes of fish per week and do not forget to include a dish ofnot forget to include a dish of "oily fish. You can choose"oily fish. You can choose fresh, frozen or canned fish butfresh, frozen or canned fish but remember canned or smoked fishremember canned or smoked fish can be salted.can be salted. 15. To keep yourself healthy you need fats in your diet.What is important is the kind of fats you eat. Try to reduce foods which are high in saturated fats and replace them with unsaturated fats foods such as vegetable oils (sunflower oil, olive oil, canola oil), oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocados. 16. Many people believe they do not eat too much salt, especially if they dont add it to the food.Dont be so sure! Every day 85% of men and 69% of women consume more salt than needed.Adults and children over 11 years old should not consume more than 6 grams per day.Young children should consume even less. Excessive consumption of salt can lower blood pressure can result. Individuals with high blood pressure can have heart problems or even a heart attack. 17. Drink plenty of waterDrink plenty of water You should drink 1.2 liters ofYou should drink 1.2 liters of water or other liquids everywater or other liquids every day. When the weather isday. When the weather is warm or when the body needswarm or when the body needs more water avoid consumingmore water avoid consuming drinks with high sugardrinks with high sugar contents or alcohol.contents or alcohol. There is nothing wrong in drinking alcohol occasionally, but excessive drinking can cause problems. Alcohol contains many calories, so if you remove it from your list, you may lose weight. 18. Breakfast helps us Breakfast helps us achieve enough achieve enough energy to face the energy to face the next day. It can also next day. It can also be a boost of vitamins be a boost of vitamins and minerals.Some and minerals.Some people skip breakfast people skip breakfast thinking they will lose thinking they will lose weight.But they are weight.But they are totally wrong. totally wrong. Researchers have Researchers havefound that breakfast found that breakfastcan help you with can help you withyour diet.If you skip your diet.If you skip breakfast, you'll breakfast, you'llprobably be hungry probably be hungrybefore lunch and before lunch andgrab a snack. grab a snack. 19. Students: Beatrice Cimbal Radu Cioranu Mdlina Diaconu Teacher: Daniela Popescu