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  • 1. Mentoring Youth An Overview of the Volunteer Center of Bergen County

2. DO GOOD. FEEL GOOD. 3. Mission Statement To strengthen the community by connecting people with opportunities to serve, operating direct service volunteer programs, building capacity for effective volunteering, and participating in strategic partnerships that meet community needs. 4. HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY 5. The Volunteer Center Private Non-Profit Non-Sectarian Host and Primary Setting 6. BERGEN MENTORS Mentoring Youth Mentoring Moms Mentoring Youth Adult men and women serve as friends/role models to youth with social, emotional and behavioral challenges. Mentoring Moms Adult women who help struggling mothers with guidance in parenting and life skills. 7. Volunteer Center Programs Volunteer Services connect individuals Chore Service minor household repairs to seniors Bergen LEADS 10 month leadership program Bergen Mentors Mentoring Moms/Mentoring Youth All Wrapped Up wish list at holiday season 8. Mentoring Youth Mentoring program for children 5-18 Who are the Mentors??? Adult men and women who provide friendship and support through weekly interactions. 9. Eligibility Requirements By Referral Only 70-75% of referrals are through DCP&P Community-Based Organizations (CBO) Private Mental Health Professionals Hospitals or Mental Health Clinics Schools Must be a Bergen County Resident Must be between ages of 5-18 years 10. Funding Sources 70% of support comes from DCP&P 30% comes from government grants and private donations 11. Mentor Training 1. Mentors must take a comprehensive training program 2. Mentors must complete extensive background check and screening 3. Mentors are then matched with a mentee 4. Mentors commit to spend 2-3 hours per week for one year 12. The Role of Student Intern Attend special functions Learn about organizational structure Learn about program operation Interact with mentors and mentees Attend mentor trainings Assist office staff with paperwork Help organize special events OBSERVE!!! 13. All the employees at the Volunteer Center help out at special events 14. Its Always All About the Children!!! 15. Do you want to make a difference? For more information about volunteering in or near Bergen County, check out www.bergenvolunteers.org