Truth and Myths About Acai Berry

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The Information You Need to Know About Acai Berry Scams

Truths & Myths about Acai BerryMany people have heard about acai berry on television, the Internet, radio or in a magazine. Yet, they are often unfamiliar with all the benefits and facts associated with this super-fruit. Below are common truths and myths that separate fact from fiction.

Acai berry is as powerful as any other fruit. Myth - It is a well known fact that the acai berry fruit has higher concentrations of a number of essential nutrients.

For example, it has 30 times more resveratrol than red wine which is derived from the grape plant. It also has 2 times more antioxidants than pomegranate and 50 times more cancer-fighting agents than mango.

Acai berry cleanses the body. Truth - The powerful antioxidants that are within the fruit allows the body to get rid of toxins and chemicals that have accumulated over the years.

This allows you to have a healthier body that is prepared to fight off free radicals. It also hydrates the skin and keeps you looking younger than your true age.

Acai berry is a synthetic material. Myth - The acai berry comes from the tropical forests of the Amazon and is grown in an organic manner. It has been used for several hundred years and is now being harvested for wide-spread use so that people can have access to its positive attributes.Acai berry in its purest form provides fast results. Truth - When you avoid a product that has additives, you don't dilute the unique and natural formula that acia berry contains.

A freeze-dried product, preserves the acai berry in its original form so that it can be distributed to customers in a high dose quantity of 1500mg per serving.A company gains a reputation for trust because it deals honestly and openly with its customers. This is another way in which PureAcaiBerry differs from some of its competitors

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