Top 10 Reasons: Why PHARMACY should use MEDBOX?

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1. Top 10 Reasons: Why PHARMACY should use MEDBOX? 1. A platform where pharmacists can register their medical stores at no charge 2. Can make online presence of stores and manage customers requirement through MEDBOX app 3. Patients can order medicines directly through MEDBOX and can search pharmacy stores based on services offered 4. Lesser phone calls and waste of paper as medicine order can be processed through MEDBOX mobile app 5. Manage regular customers and get reminders for periodic medicine dispense 6. Communication with customers with instant notification service 7. Doctors can suggest pharmacy stores to their patients for better services 8. Patients can be navigated to the pharmacy store with the help of navigation feature 9. Can publish several offers that can be accessed by MEDBOX users 10.Can be accessed anytime with multiple users Call us for FREE Consulting at +91-973-762-2200 OR E-Mail us on