Top 10 Pharmacy Activities

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1. TOP 10 List Pharmacy Technician Activities 2. 10). Using psychic abilities to figure out a patients insurance plan. 9). Shrinking prednisone taper directions to make them fit on the label. 8). Estimating somebodys weight to see if they really needed the diet pills they just picked up. 3. 6). Complaining about the ridiculously high salaries of those prima Dona pharmacists. 7). Feeling uncomfortably itchy after dispensing lice medication and collecting the money. 5). Avoiding carpel tunnel from typing labels, stiff necks from telephones and possible dementia & psychosis from trying to explain insurance to impatient patients. 4. 4). Navigating 3 rd party rejected claims Network Log in Error: Information Overdose. Warning, Warning Danger Will Robinson! This terminal will self-destruct in 30 seconds. 3). Operating two computer terminals simultaneously while wolfing down a nutritious bean burrito & Dr. Pepper lunch. 5. 2). Negotiating with other technicians over shift changes. 1). Explaining to disbelieving patients that the insurance company, not the pharmacy , sets the co-pay and determines what is covered