Top 10 mobile apps in Emergency Medicine

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Top 10 mobile apps in Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Journal February 24, 2014

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  • 1. Emergency Medicine Journal February 24, 2014 Top 10 mobile apps in Emergency Medicine
  • 2. ERres - Emergency Medicine In The Palm Of Your Hand ERres is the #1 emergency medicine app in the USA! The app is divided into 12 main sections, including Decision Rules, Ultrasound, Toxicology and Calculator Tools. iOS, Android $ 4.99
  • 3. Evernote Evernote can serve as your customised, paperless reference tool. For instance, hospital guidelines, specific PDF journal articles and your list of clinical pearls can be catalogued and synced in the app for reference on your desktop, web browser or mobile device. iOS, Android Free
  • 4. EyeMD EyeMD iPhone app is a mobile eye exam tool for medical doctors. It brings the Snellen chart to the patient. Nice additional features include a penlight option and a detailed cross-sectional anatomy diagram for patient education. iOS $ 0.99
  • 5. MedCalc (medical calculator) MedCalc gives you easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications. This calculator-based app contains over 300 formulas, scores and decision rules, which covers all medical specialties including EM. iOS $ 1.99
  • 6. Free Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers Free Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers provides clinical care professionals with on-the- go access to the industrys most trusted drug information, when and where its needed most. iOS Free
  • 7. palmPEDi Lite - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Tape for the PICU, OR, ED palmPEDi Lite: The basics of pediatric resuscitation. This paediatric EM tape app is based on the Broselow length- based tape classification system. iOS, Android $ 0.99
  • 8. EMRA PressorDex A comprehensive therapeutic guide to the myriad of pressors, vasoactive drugs, continuous infusions, and other medications needed to treat the critically ill patient. iOS $ 15.99
  • 9. Read: Personalized Medical & Scientific Journal This app provides a visually- pleasing user interface, which displays article abstracts from your customised journal reading list. iOS Free
  • 10. SonoSupport: a clinical emergency medicine and critical care ultrasound reference tool This reference tool app provides step-by-step instructions with paired anatomic diagrams on a variety of different ultrasound applications. iOS $ 4.99
  • 11. AgileMD AgileMD is a free, easy-to-use app that provides access to trusted, point-of-care handbooks and clinical protocols across a growing set of specialties including Internal and Emergency Medicine. iOS, Android Free