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We've put together a slideshow of the Top 10 Healthcare Blogs you should check out for insight on topics circulating the healthcare industry. We've included the website, topics, where you can follow them, recent posts, and who the authors are.

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  • 1.The Top 10 Healthcare Blogs

2. #1 - Mayo ClinicLink: Frequency: Once a weekTopics:Where to Follow them:Diseases and Conditions Symptoms Drugs and Supplements Tests and Procedures Healthy are the authors:Recent Posts:Doctors Influencers Admins Holiday Food Safety Tips How will you spend your 1,440 minutes today? New therapies sought for triple negative breast cancer 3. #2 New York Times HealthLink: Frequency: dailyTopics: Research Fitness & Nutrition Money & Policy Views Health Guide Think Like a DoctorWhere to Follow them: are the authors:Recent Posts:The New York Times along with doctors, medical writers and editors. Think Like a Doctor: The Eyes Have It Sex as Exercise Think the E.R. Is Expensive? Look at How Much It Costs to Get There 4. #3 MedgadgetLink: medgadget.comPost Frequency: DailyTopics: In the news Public Health Informatics & Many more!Where to Follow them:Who are the authors:Recent Posts:a group of MDs and biomed GE Silent Scan Expands to More MRI Sequences; Enables Fully Silent Neuro Scan Tongue Controlled Wheelchair Performs Better than Conventional Sip and Puff Systems 5. #4 HL7 StandardsLink: hl7standards.comPost Frequency: a few times a weekTopics:Where to Follow them:#HITsm EMR E-patient Healthcare Standards & Many more! Posts:Who are the authors: Jon Mertz Chad Johnson Rob Brull Sonal Patel Jennifer Threw, RN, MSJ Angela Dunn Leonard KishHealth Information Exchange Q&A with John Traeger, Enterprise Solutions Consultant Happy Dreams: Technology Can Both Ruin and Revitalize Sleep Habits 6. #5 Billians Health DataLink: Frequency: every other weekTopics:Where to Follow them:Healthcare News Healthcare are some of the authors:Recent Posts:Jessica Clifton Jennifer Dennard Asif Ahmad Dan Sanders Dan Smith Dave Himes Better Business in 2013: No Rest for the Weary Sales Professional The Social Sale: What Twitters IPO Means for Healthcare Vendors 5 Tips from Hotels to Improve Hospitality at Your Hospital 7. #6 iHealthBeatLink: ihealthbeat.orgPost Frequency: dailyTopics: Health IT Professionals Health Data Exchange Health Care Transparency Health Care ProvidersWhere to Follow them: are the authors:Recent Posts:The California Healthcare Foundation professionals Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Expands Telehealth Coverage Data Center Outages Could Cost Health Organizations $690K Each AHIP Official: Cost Transparency Plan Could Have Adverse Effects 8. #7 e-PatientsLink: e-patients.netPost Frequency: DailyTopics:Where to Follow them:E-patient stories Ethics Healthcares problem list Key people Medical records & many more! ne are some of the authors: Daniel Z. Sands, MD, MPH @yogileana e-Patient Dave Susannah Fox& moreRecent Posts: Matthew Katz on 23andMe: Return to Sender, Genome Unknown: Seven Reasons I Will Return My Personal Genome Kit My Reasons for Thanksgiving: On The Ultimate Loss of Control, Unclear Diagnoses, and Being a Patient 9. #8 MedCity NewsLink: medcitynews.comPost Frequency: daily Where to Follow them: Health IT Hospitals Medical Devices Pharma Startups PoliticsWho are some of the authors: Stephanie Baum Deanna Pogorelc Hulya Farinas Veronica CombsRecent Posts: Healthcare VC on the rebound? How did RFID help University of MD Medical Center cut medication error rate? 10. #9 doc2docLink: Frequency: monthlyTopics:Where to Follow them:Doctors Blog News Food for Thought Medical Students Blog Clinical are the authors:Recent Posts: healthcare professionals worldwide and doc2doc subscribersKenneth Williams and the Future of Medicine How vaccines work? 11. #10 amednewsLink: Frequency: weeklyTopics:Where to Follow them:Health Reform EHRs Medicare Liability Practice Management Issues Public Health Regional Coverage Ethics Posts:Who are the authors: Eric Anderson, MD Charles Atkins, MD David O. Barbe, MD, MHA William J. Bernstein, MD & many more: Many women dont believe their breast cancer risk numbers Fresh produce program gains momentum in weight-loss fight