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  • Watchdog Diet Investigations Here at Diet Pills Watchdog we dont just review diet pills, we spend hundreds of hours

    researching topics that we feel you need to know about such as the latest diet scams, banned

    ingredients and tips to help you with your weight loss journey.

    Theres a lot of danger surrounding the diet pill world, with the industry earning $32 billion per

    year. And with diet pills coming out of the wood works at a furious pace, theres bound to be a

    few that are less than perfect.

    Weve investigated a range of topics from tips for when youre in the gym to the dangers of

    certain diet pills to the best super foods at the moment. Our job is to inform you about what is

    going on and what is important. We feel that you should be informed about every aspect of

    losing weight, not just the diet pill side. After all, a diet pill wont miraculously help if you arent

    changing your lifestyle as well.

    Our investigations are always in-depth pieces of work that cover every corner of whatever

    subject we are discussing, with links to further reading, quotes from professionals and

    fascinating facts to peak your interest.

    In the past weve investigated certain ingredients that have been proven to not provide any health

    benefits, and can in fact because you damage such as the dangerous DNP that caused a few

    people their lives.

    As well as this we have taken a topic such as the popular Teatox fad and investigated the product

    as a whole and then went into more detail doing mini reviews of three or four products to give

    you an overview of that part of the market. Our aim is to do more of these so that you feel

    confident when it comes to what makes a diet pill good and what makes it bad. Not only that but

    it will help you to figure out the difference between certain types of diet pills.

    Below is a long list of all the topics we have covered. If you want us to look at anything in

    particular then get in touch we us. The same goes for if youve been the victim of a scam or have

    had a bad reaction to something. We want to help save the world from the bad apples of the diet