Speak Out Safely - protecting staff who raise concerns

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1. Speak Out Safely Protecting staff who raise concerns 2. Our Speak Out Safely (SOS) campaign aims to encourage NHS organisations and independent healthcare providers to develop cultures that are honest and transparent, to actively encourage staff to raise the alarm when they see poor practice, and to protect them when they do so. 3. The government to introduce a statutory duty of candour compelling health professionals and managers to be open about care failings We want 1 4. We want 2 5. We want 3 6. Signing up to Speak out Safely tells your employees that you will support them if they raise concerns over patient safety Are you a trust or organisation interested in signing up? 7. What does signing up involve? In order to ensure your staff and the general public are aware of your commitment we request that you display the SOS logo and pledge prominently on your website. You can either display the full SOS pledge or the abridged version if you prefer; this includes a link to the full pledge. 8. What does signing up involve? Ensure that your whistleblowing policy makes explicit that staff will be supported if they raise concerns; that all staff know where they can find the policy; and that it is publicly available rather than just on your trust intranet. 9. What does signing up involve? We would also be grateful if you would include a link to our petition on your website: tinyurl.com/NTSOS-petition Please email speakoutsafely@emap.com for full details, the SOS logo and the full and abridged pledge. 10. Ask your organisation to sign up Download the SOS letter template to send to your CEO asking them to make it safe for you and your colleagues to Speak Out SOS letter from a group SOS letter from an individual 11. Has your trust signed up to Speak Out Safely? Tweet SOS If not, why not tweet about it to your CEO, director of nursing or your trusts general Twitter profile? Heres some suggestions for what you might say: @... Please sign our trust up to @nursingtimesSOS so all staff feel safe to raise concerns about care @... Signing the trust up to @nursingtimesSOS will show staff, patients and families we take safety seriously @... Why isnt the trust signed up to @nursingtimesSOS? Look at all those that are: www.nursingtimes.net/SOS 12. Watch our interviews with whistleblowers David Drew, Kim Holt and Helene Donnelley 13. Who's signed up? Visit nursingtimes.net/opinion/speak- out-safely/ and find out more 14. Nursing Times Group Access is a package that we have created to support nurses by completing CPD online. The primary reason this system was created was to help improve patient care and safety. It includes updates, support and FAQ on revalidation, access to 5,000 clinical articles, up-to-the minute news and over 40 learning units which can be completed quickly and easily by your nurses. Email corporate.enquiries@emap.com to enquire about access for your nurses or visit www.nursingtimes.net/subscribe/groupaccess Commit to Patient Safety and Care