Sen pratarn sib

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This is the main points for each of the 10 sen described in the marble tablets of Wat Pho praise Lon Bpo shivag ko mara phat for his contribution to health and wellness

Text of Sen pratarn sib

  • 1. Sen Pratarn Sib Wat Pho Marble Tablets Nuad boran

2. Major points of Sen 3. Major points of Sen 4. Sen Ittha 5. Sen Ittha 6. Sen Ping Kala 7. Sen Ping Kala 8. Sen Samana 9. Sen Samana 10. Sen Walatarn/Kalataree 11. Sen Walatarn/Kalataree 12. Sen Hat Sa Rung Si Jak Suk Sai 13. Sen Juk Ta Ree Juk Suk Kwa 14. Sen Jan Ta Sing So Sai / Jan Tot Sang So Ta 15. Sen Rut So Da Kwa 16. Sen Su Ku Mang 17. Sen Su Ku Mang 18. Sen Si Ki Nee 19. Sen Si Ki Nee 20. Sen Sa Mu Tarn 21. Sen Ai Wa Ai Sa Mu Tarn 22. Sen Ha Ra Du Tart Sa Mu Tarn 23. Sen Ha Ra Du Tart Sa Mu Tarn 24. Praise Lon Bpo Shivaga Ko Mara Phat the father of Thai Traditional Medicine