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This biannual publication, reSearch, is dedicated to the mission of informing and inspiring readers by highlighting scientific performance at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

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  • 1. research A P u b L Ic AT I o n o f T he R e s ea Rc h I ns T I T u T e aT n aT I o nwI d e c hI l dRe ns ho sp I Tal A Day in the Life of The ReseARch InsTITuTe
  • 2. 7:30 a.M. daYBReaK A crescent moon appears above Research Building II as dawn breaks on a beautiful Ohio Tuesday morning.
  • 3. fALL / WI nTeR 2008 research is dedicated to the mission of informing and inspiring Twenty-four hours from now, Nationwide Childrens Hospital readers by highlighting scientific will not be the same hospital it is at this moment. Knowledge performance at The Research Institute will grow. Possibilities will emerge. Enthusiasm will escalate. at nationwide childrens hospital. Lives will be changed through discovery. This publication is produced biannually by the Marketing and Public Relations Department at As the research engine of Nationwide Childrens, The Research nationwide childrens hospital. Institute is a key contributor to this daily transformation. Each day begins with a sense of excitement and mission. Innovative experiments are conceived and carried out by our research teams, data are collected and careful analyses are conducted. Data are collaboratively shared among faculty, staff and students. We strive for exciting conclusions, but sometimes more questions arise than answers. We persevere, stubbornly emboldened by the l e a d e Rs hI p potential that scientific inquiry will lead to better health for The Research Institute at nationwide childrens hospital children and their families. The beat goes on. John a. Barnard, Md President In this issue of reSearch, we provide you with snapshots of a reSearch lauren o. Bakaletz, phd Vice President, Basic Sciences Research typical Tuesday in a day in the life of The Research Institute. Kelly Kelleher, Md, Mph Through this photographic timeline, we hope you will appreciate Vice President, Health Services Research william e. smoyer, Md the heart and soul of one of the top pediatric research centers in Vice President, Clinical and Translational Research the United States. Grant Morrow III, Md Medical Director daniel R. Mann Vice President, Research Administration and Operations Katherine s. Milem Vice President, Research Business Services research John Barnard, MD Writer and editor Melissa hamilton President The Research Institute at Nationwide Childrens Hospital Art Directors John ordaz Professor of Pediatrics Tanya Burgess Bender The Ohio State University College of Medicine Photographers Brad smith dan smith Manager, Research communications Jan arthur contact us at The ReseaRch InsTITuTe at nationwide childrens hospital | 1
  • 4. 8:03 a.M. FocusInG on FIRsT-RaTe FacIlITIes Phil Bowers helps Mary Connell from Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia pour off excess liquid nitrogen from shipping containers holding tissue samples that are being sent to Boston. As facilities manager at The Research Institute, Bowers begins his work day at 6 a.m. and spends his early hours walking through and waking up the research buildings. Bowers checks for alarms, notes equipment problems and performs safety checks. By the time he completes his rounds he will have covered every floor in the 300,000 square feet of research space, trekking through more than 90 labs. 2 | The ReseaRch InsTITuTe at nationwide childrens hospital
  • 5. 9:18 a.M. Fedex FRenzY This Tuesday is like every other weekday in the Biopathology Center. Staff members receive between 20 and 40 FedEx packages containing pediatric and adult cancer samples from hospitals all across North America. After the samples are unpacked, they are entered into a detailed, secure database. Tissue samples are prepared for digital microscopy and shared with other national experts using a virtual microscope. Some samples are carefully catalogued for storage in a liquid nitrogen freezer, while others undergo clinical testing to help make vital cancer treatment decisions. The Biopathology Center is funded by the National Cancer Institute and serves as the data repository for cancer samples from more than 500 hospitals. Specimens from this Center are used for cancer research in institutions worldwide. Because of the Biopathology Center, The Research Institute at Nationwide Childrens Hospital receives more grant funds from the Childrens Oncology Group than any other national program. The ReseaRch InsTITuTe at nationwide childrens hospital | 3
  • 6. 9:24 a.M. FRoM BedsIde To Bench and BacK aGaIn Dr. W. Joshua Frazier is both a researcher in the Center for Perinatal Research and a critical care clinician at Nationwide Childrens. Shown here in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, (top), Dr. Frazier facilitates patient rounds and discusses clinical cases with colleagues. Under the mentorship of Dr. Yusen Liu, Dr. Frazier is studying septic shock, a condition he has seen affect many of his critical care patients. Using mouse models of sepsis and septic shock, Dr. Frazier measures markers and pathways of inflammation with hopes of identifying key molecular interactions that will lead to improved treatment of critically ill children. 4 | The ReseaRch InsTITuTe at nationwide childrens hospital
  • 7. 10:00 a.M. MIndInG The MedIa Dr. Lara McKenzie, a faculty member in the Center for Injury Research and Policy, prepares for an interview wit