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A presentation at the Pre-Congress Symposium of the 4th PGIM Academic Sessions on Requirement Analysis and Design a Public Health Information System for Sri Lanka

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  • 1. Public health system in Sri Lanka was initiated in 1926 as a health unit Public Health is mainly provided by the Government in SL The work force mainly consists of field officers, Regional Administrators at various levels and Central Administrators The information stream is logistically divided for easy management

2. Three main important features Complete Timely Accurate For collective action for sustained population-wide health improvement 3. Increased population Changes in disease pattern Increased expectations of people Changing social values Changing economy Politics 4. Field level Information Management Regional and Central Decision Makers Timely and quality data Efficient information management and thorough information analysis Using of available data for decision making Super Central Administrators One Health Map 5. You are a RE, Its 8.30 in the morning Alert 6. Information Management Platform Adaptable Dependable Scalable Hybrid Self Maintaining 7. The goal of the Public Health Information System is to take advantage of the information technology to radically improve the way public health data is gathered, disseminated and decisions taken. It will further improve the efficiency and quality of data and information and overall public health management. 8. Interview all the stakeholders Identify the burden Analyse proposed solutions System Design System Requirement Specification 9. Data entry, Automated aggregation, communication Customizable to any information requirement Data analysis using statistics, automated data analysis and alerting, graphical presentation Hosting of new Temporary Public Health Programs, update, review and monitor 10. Information dissemination with alerting, reviewing and reply requesting Publishing data to web Handling Externally Generated Data i.e. Notifications 11.