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Explain the reason behind choosing the Quantitative as a Research Method .

Explain how data is analysed in this research.

What were some of the implications for practice in my study.

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UTI is an infection caused by bacteria, viruses and fungus that enters the urinary tract and infects it.

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The importance of UTI and how common it is among women.

The idea of involving cranberry juice in treating UTI.

I then decided to put my question in this structure

“How effective is cranberry in treating women with UTI”

According to (The ABC of UTIs, 2009) one in three women may suffer from UTI at some stage in their lifetime.

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The reason behind choosing a quantitative method is to find out if cranberry juice is effective in treating women with UTI.

This can be achieved by collecting the results of the study and from the comparison of the two group.

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Experimental design of study

Experimental Group

Control group

Delayed treatment

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Quantitative analysis: This is the process of presenting and interpreting numerical data

The data will be put through subgroup

This can be achieved through bivriate analysis: establishes two variables at the same time.

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Urinary tract infection is a vital infection that may cause distress and harm individuals if not treated appropriately. Therefore it is necessary as a nurse to understand the theory behind UTI and its complications. As well as to prevent women suffering from UTI, this can be achieved by the use of cranberry juice as it may be considered as a natural therapy and a way of treating a disease.

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