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<ul><li> 1. If you eat a sufficientdiet, you dont need to supplement withVitamins &amp; Minerals</li></ul> <p> 2. Only11% ofUSpopulationhave58fruits&amp; vegetableseveryday25% havenovegetablesonadailybasis50% haveno fruitsonadailybasis 3. The science of micro-nutrition is poorlyunderstood by the medical profession whocontinue to promote a balanced diet of 5fruit and vegetables per day, but who fail tonotice that... This advice is not backed by any solid scientific evidence. Many people do not have access to a balanced diet. Where they do, modern food processes and agricultural practices remove nutrients from the food chain. 4. According to RDAs, we dont need additionalsupplementation 5. Not everyone needs to supplement withmicronutrients 6. We recommend that all adults take onemultivitamin daily Journal of American Medical Association (June 19, 2002) 7. Supplementation with multivitamins during the first years of lifemay reduce the risk ofallergic disease atschool ageMarmsjo K, Rosenlund H, et al, Am J Clin Nutr, 2009 Oct 28 8. Most vitaminsend up asexpensive Vitamin P 9. 1999: 1st Survey to addressmicronutrient deficiencies in SA2003: Food fortification Mandateiron, zinc, vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavinand vitamin B6 to maize and wheatbread flour2005: 2nd NFC Survey 10. 2 out of 3 Children &amp; 1 out of 4Women have poor Vitamin A statusIn comparison to 1999:Prevalence of poor Vitamin A statushas gotten WORSE 11. Recommendations The food fortification programme must continue Innovative means of communication such as the cell phone should be used to disseminate nutrition education messages Introduce a national day for single high dose vitamin A supplements 12. Nationally, 45% of children had aninadequate zinc statusRecommendationsThe food fortification programmemust continue Provide appropriate andcomprehensive training to personnelof crches to administer zincsupplements 13. Deterioration in the Vitamin A, Iron and Zincstatus in children and women of child-bearingageA positive knowledge, attitude and behaviourtowards food fortificationWide purchase and use of fortified products athousehold level 14. NaturalwholesomefoodFoodState nutrients Aminoacidchelates Syntheticisolatedsupplementsplus food (aphysicalblend) Syntheticisolatedsupplements 15. CarbohydratesEnzymesGlycoprotein Vit CVit CLipidsProteinsVitaminCwithpeptidecarriersBioflavonoids 16. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 StageI StageII StageIII StageIV Gummy Ascorbic Acid 17. CarbohydratesEnzymesGlycoprotein Vit CVitCLipidsProteinsVitaminCwithpeptidecarriersBioflavonoids 18. We find that there is less than 20 mg ofascorbic acid in a potato. Yet this smallamount, since it is complexed in a foodsource, is all the body needs not only toprevent scurvy, but also to cure it.By contrast, the isolated chemicalascorbic acid has been shown to beinsufficient in resolving a scurvycondition, simply because it does not actas a nutrient. 19. 600540% Increase in Blood480420360Foodstate300240180120 60Isolate00 2 481224Hours after Ingestion 20. 900810720630540450360270180 900 Calcium Calcium FoodstateCarbonate Gluconate Calcium University of Scranton 21. 180170160150140130120110100 90 80ZincSulphate ZincGluconateFoodStateZinc Vinson,etal(1989) 22. 7060 ZincGluconate50 ZincYeast40302010 010 024h 048hTomkins,etal(2007) 23. 200 192200170130 128 128100 100100 100100 100 0FOODSTATE USP 24. 1000 908 800 600 394 400 200 124 149 137 147 100 100 100 100 100 100 0 25. WITH FOODSTATENUTRIENTS,ONLY CONSERVATIVEAMOUNTS NEED TO BE TAKENBecausetheyareabsorbedasreadilyasfoodandareretainedlongerbythebody,providinghighpotencyreservesthatthebodycanusewhenitneedsthemmost.Thehumanbodydoesnotutilizeisolatedchemicalsefficientlyandtakingtheminmegadosesisnotonlyineffectualbutmayalsobedangerous. 26. 200172156129 134 100 101100 10010095100 101100 71570 0FOODSTATE USPCHELATE 27. ORGANIC: the botanical productwas grown in a chemical-freeenvironmentNATURAL: the final product hasbeen made solely from botanicalresources without any use ofadditives or preservatives 28. For the discovery that proteinshave intrinsic signals that governtheir transport and localization inthe cell Gunter Blobel 29. CarbohydratesEnzymesGlycoproteinCa LipidsProteinsCalciumwithBioflavonoids peptidecarriers 30. Exclusive,proprietarytechnology Overtwentyfiveyearsofscientific researchandconsumerexperience SafewithnotoxicityBetterthanisolatedUSPsupplementsIncreasedabsorption,retention,andbioavailability 31. AmericanJournalofMedicine(June2007) 32. 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