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1. Nutrition + Exercise + Well-Being Engagement platform personalized for ideal healthy living 2. $576 Billion lost to poor health And there is no more money 90% companies offering wellness programs 80% failure rate79% of population is at risk No improvement in sightThe Perfect Storm 3. At Risk Challenge Insurers & EmployersMetabolic Syndrome: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke ProblemComplication 79% of Adults have MetS or at risk Heavy investment in programs Annual health costs for an adult with MetS are 1.6x more than average Existing programs have low engagement and sub-optimal outcomesAt Risk Employees Cost a Fortune 4. Mass Personalized Affordable EngagementFixed Program Expensive EngagementIntegratedSiloNewtopia disrupts the current market 5. Integrative Content combined with Personalized Engagement to inspire Affordable & Sustainable Results+ = 6. Newtopia Engagement 7. 90% of businesses are investing in corporate wellness programs with the promise of a suitable ROI. But, only 6.9% of businesses have corporate programs with all the elements to deliver sustainable results. Newtopia is the perfect B2B partner to deliver sustainable outcomes and cost savings. National Worksite Health Promotion Survey