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1. How to keep teeth good? Tooth whitening Teeth whiteningParkcrest, 119 Manor Road, Darwen, Lancashire,BB3 2SN01254 2. Lets Start From the Beginning Start cleaning your babys gums at birth with a soft infanttoothbrush and water or with a clean, damp cloth Take your child to the dentist when the first tooth comes in,usually between 6 and 12 months of age Use toothpaste with fluoride before the age of 2 if your childsdoctor or dentist recommends it for best Tooth Whitening. 3. Lets Start From the Beginning Cont. 4. Tooth Decay Its important to prevent tooth decay because decay can causeyou in a great deal of pain and ruin their teeth. Also tooth decay can cause pain and blood coming from yourteeth. It can also affect to your teeth for the permanent removal. 5. Tooth Decay 6. Sugar and Acid Sugar and acid Most people know that sugar is bad for yourteeth The refined sugar in processed chocolate, can be dangers toyour teeth It is a fact that cold drink can cause damage to the of yourteeth. 7. Sugar and Acid 8. What new have invented in thisfield ? | Crest3D A CREST 3D white strip is one of the best products; instruct users onhow to better your teeth at home. Its advanced technology helps tosolve the problem within three days, which is actually less than theamount of time There are certain advantages and feature of using crest3d. There is nodental presence required for using this product. It gives professionalresult at very affordable low cost. Strips are even readymade so youcan use it in the right way. 9. What new have invented inthis field ? | Crest3D